Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

“Trumpcare” is dead on arrival — pulled minutes before the scheduled vote, per 45’s request. “The Closer” (ha) failed miserably and looks like the huge loser he is. Our calls to our reps worked! Let’s keep it up, and in the meantime have a happy weekend!


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I have had an on and off relationship with “Sheila” for three years — more off than on. One night while she and I were together, I received a very late night text from a friend of twenty+ years whom I was talking to on a regular basis. She is an attractive woman but not someone I would ever date — no connection, not my type, just a good friend. Anyway, as I received the text, Sheila wanted to know more about her because she thought I had been or was currently messing around with her. I explained everything about our friendship, and I also explained the story about some of the girls with whom I had become friends on Facebook during our “off” times, some whom I had dated but who were now friends only. Some of these ex-girlfriends who’d become Facebook friends were women I dated eighteen to twenty-five years earlier. My ex-wife of fifteen years never had this problem with my being Facebook friends with them, but Sheila does.

The next morning, I got messages from my friend who had texted the night before, as well as a girl I had gone on a couple dates with. My longtime friend told me that Sheila had tagged herself in every one of her photographs on Facebook; the girl who I had gone out with a couple of times got a friend request from Sheila. I had not talked to that girl in six to eight months and she lived in another country, so it was a surprise to hear from her. When I tried to talk to Sheila about how what she did was wrong, she started to question every picture of every girl I was in a photo with on Facebook. I then blocked her because I had had enough of the interrogations, and we ended the relationship again.

Recently we have begun speaking again. I had deactivated my Facebook account to avoid controversy and because I lost a bet. I was also getting tired of politics on the site. I would get on from time to time when my son was visiting to share with friends and family our time together, but I would then deactivate again.

Last night we went to a club where I’m friends with a (female) bartender. I introduced Sheila to my bartender friend who is attractive but, once again, not someone I would never date. Well, Sheila asked if I was friends with her on Facebook. I said I have never been involved or interested in her, but that, yes, she is a friend on Facebook. Sheila couldn’t understand how I could be Facebook friends with her and not with Sheila. It got very heated, we had to leave the club, and I chased her for forty-five minutes trying to explain that what she did in the past made it hard to trust her and that she needed to earn that trust back. She’s done things much worse than the Facebook fiasco, so she needs to work to earn back my trust.

I just want to know: Am I wrong for not allowing her as a friend on Facebook at this time? She told me to ask a public forum what they think and that’s why I am asking you this question. — On-Again For Now

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updatesIt’s time again for “Dear Wendy Updates,” a feature where people I’ve given advice to in the past let us know whether they followed the advice and how they’re doing now. Today we hear from “Wants a Second” who desperately wanted a second baby while her husband did not. “He’s thought a lot about it and he really, really just wants one,” she wrote. “How do you think I should approach convincing him to have a second (if we get lucky again and can have one)? And failing that, how can I move on, not feel resentful, and just find happiness with only three of us?” She updated us once before, a little over a year later, and said that she backed off her husband and gave him space and he eventually decided he wanted to try for a second baby. “I’m almost afraid to have you publish this,” she wrote. “I’m afraid of getting ahead of myself and jinxing the whole thing.” Keep reading to see how things are with her family today:
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