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Do you have a small business (or big business!), product, service, or website you want to promote? Advertise on Dear Wendy and reach our amazing audience!

As of August 2014, these are our stats (source: Google Analytics):
We get:
550,000 pageviews a month
246,000 visits a month.
162,000 unique visitors a month (source: Google Analytics).

We have more than 3000 Facebook fans.

Curious about our readers and community? According to Alexa:

80% of our readers are female.
32% of our readers are ages 25-34; the next largest grouping is 35-44 at 21% of readership.
54% of our readers have a household income of more than 50k, with 23% earning more than 100k a year.
72% of them have no kids;
28% of our readers have an advanced degree, and 50% have a college degree.

You can buy an ad through us directly — please e-mail us at wendy at dearwendy dot com for current prices and other ideas, such as writing a sponsored post, hosting a giveaway, or representing your brand in some other way.