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Are You A Woman?

Last week I posted a link to Esquire‘s quiz “Are You a Man?” And now, to balance things out, I invite you to take my quiz: “Are You a Woman?” Just follow the link below and be sure to come back and let us know how you scored…

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avatar MsMisery June 15, 2011, 12:10 pm

Heh. I got 1/4 woman (and on the Esquire quiz I got 3/4 man). So at least I don’t have any extra parts.

avatar SpaceySteph June 15, 2011, 12:35 pm

Me too. Glad to know I’m a whole person! My boyfriend might be surprised to hear I’m mostly man though…

avatar MsMisery June 15, 2011, 1:31 pm

Make him take the quizzes. If he’s 3/4 lady and 1/4 man then I think you’re all good.

avatar Rachel June 15, 2011, 1:14 pm

Ha! Same here!

avatar TheGirl June 15, 2011, 1:32 pm

Me too! 1/4 woman, 3/4 man… What does that say bout DW readers!!

Firegirl32 Firegirl32 June 15, 2011, 1:32 pm

Same here! I’m pretty ok with it…being a whole person and all.

avatar The_Yellow_Dart June 15, 2011, 2:13 pm

I’m 1/4 woman too! (And 3/4 man!) This seems like a common result…

avatar plasticepoxy June 15, 2011, 4:37 pm

I’m 1/4 woman, but I wasn’t 3/4 man, I was barely a man or whatever, so I guess I’m incomplete. 😉

avatar NOLAGirl June 15, 2011, 4:31 pm

HAH! Me too! I thought the same thing too when I got my result. At least I’m a whole person!

avatar AKchic June 15, 2011, 5:42 pm

Tee hee – me too. Wonder if that 3/4 man is “man enough” to get the 1/4 woman in me pregnant. If so – I need to separate myself so I don’t end up with #5! That would really be awkward to explain to my very religious grandmother. Although… think of the money I could make… the headlines… the made-for-tv movie that I would never watch! *laugh*

avatar Valerie June 15, 2011, 12:10 pm

I got “1/4 of a woman,” but I also took the other quiz and scored “not quite a man.” Seems like a portion is missing… I wonder what it is! 😀

avatar honeybeenicki June 15, 2011, 12:23 pm


avatar SpaceySteph June 15, 2011, 12:39 pm

No, Squirrel!

avatar SweetChild June 16, 2011, 12:23 am

I got the same results as you so when you find out what’s missing let me know okay?? 😀

MissRemy Ally June 16, 2011, 6:05 pm

Me too! I’m less than half a person here…

avatar Beth June 15, 2011, 12:13 pm

Only 1/4 woman… my husband might have something to say about this 😉

avatar Teresa June 15, 2011, 12:19 pm

Well, since I came up 3/4 man, I was not surprised to find I’m only 1/4 woman – at least I’m proportionate =)

avatar Kong June 15, 2011, 12:22 pm

All woman on this quiz, not quite a man on the man quiz.
My husband will be relieved.

avatar Brooklyn June 15, 2011, 10:45 pm

Me too. I’d def agree with it too.

avatar danielle June 16, 2011, 3:49 pm

That’s what I got too! Funny

avatar honeybeenicki June 15, 2011, 12:22 pm

I’m with everyone else… I was 3/4 man and 1/4 woman. I’m really not surprised at all.

avatar PFG-SCR June 15, 2011, 12:28 pm

I got “all woman”, yet I was 3/4 of a man, so “best of both worlds”, I guess.

avatar Bethany June 15, 2011, 2:02 pm

Me too!!

avatar Maracuya June 15, 2011, 2:19 pm

That was my result, too. 🙂

avatar Turtledove June 15, 2011, 4:04 pm

Me too. I wonder what that says about me… and I wonder where the extra parts came from.

sumilove SumiLove June 16, 2011, 4:37 pm

Same! Definitely agree on the “best of both worlds!” 🙂

avatar silver_dragon_girl June 15, 2011, 12:29 pm

Hah! I’m 1/4 woman. Which makes sense considering I am 3/4 man.

avatar BoomChakaLaka June 15, 2011, 12:33 pm

I got the same results! 3/4 man, ALL WOMAN. I guess I’m a She-male afterall. But this quiz reminds me I need to get BF to do the “How much of a man are you?”

I’m totally waiting for spaceboy’s results on this…

avatar ncp June 15, 2011, 12:35 pm

Well, the “Are you a Man” quiz said I was 3/4 man, so I’m glad that this quiz tells me I’m 1/4 woman. Otherwise I’d be wondering where the extra bits came from (and what they look like).

avatar Jshizzle June 15, 2011, 12:44 pm

1/4 woman, 3/4 man as well.

avatar melikeycheesecake June 15, 2011, 12:47 pm

All Woman!~ Fun quiz Wendy!

avatar Kate June 15, 2011, 12:51 pm

1/4 woman.

avatar _jsw_ June 15, 2011, 12:51 pm

1/4 woman. Oddly, I’m a bit disappointed it’s so low. I hate failing tests.

avatar PFG-SCR June 15, 2011, 12:59 pm

I was all woman and 3/4 man, so I have an extra 3/4 available if you’re needing to feel completed.

avatar _jsw_ June 15, 2011, 1:05 pm

Hmm. Now I need to take the other test to see where I’m most lacking.

avatar _jsw_ June 15, 2011, 1:12 pm

Ah, I’m 3/4 man, thus I am complete.

avatar Amy June 15, 2011, 1:37 pm

All Woman

avatar missmolly June 15, 2011, 12:46 pm

I’m all woman! What a relief!

avatar SGMcG June 15, 2011, 1:50 pm

On this quiz, I am 3/4 woman. On the other quiz, I am 3/4 man. So overall, I am 6/4 or 1.5 a heterosexual couple? It’s confusing…maybe it just means that I’m overall comfortable with myself. 😀

avatar Robin June 15, 2011, 1:50 pm

I am all woman and not quite a man. My husband is thrilled considering we have 4 children. 🙂

avatar TheOtherMe June 15, 2011, 1:53 pm

All woman woo-hoo !

avatar dobby June 15, 2011, 2:01 pm

Crap – I’m 1/4 woman and not quite a man so what public restroom should I be using????

avatar honeybeenicki June 15, 2011, 3:45 pm

You’ll have to go into the family or unisex ones

avatar Stella June 15, 2011, 2:09 pm

Um, I’m 3/4 woman and 3/4 man… I have been eating too much lately, I guess that accounts for being half a person extra…

avatar BeccaAnne June 15, 2011, 2:37 pm

I’m 1/4 woman…but I’m “not quite a man”

so I’m 3/4 squirrel?

avatar dobby June 15, 2011, 2:44 pm

Ooooohhhhh – that means I would be 3/4 squirrel too! Awesome!!

avatar mcj2011 June 15, 2011, 2:49 pm

all woman here

avatar TheOtherMe June 15, 2011, 2:53 pm

Now I can’t get Lisa Stansfield’s “All woman” out of my head !

avatar Emma June 15, 2011, 2:58 pm

So, I’m 1/4 woman, 3/4 man. That seems accurate, except the whole vagina and boobs thing going on.

avatar Christy June 15, 2011, 3:22 pm

I’m 1/4 woman and not quite a man. Gee, I guess I’m just…a person?

avatar haggith June 15, 2011, 3:28 pm

i got not quite a man and 1/4 of a woman…. that’s what i always suspected: i’m an alien!!!

avatar Mainer June 15, 2011, 3:48 pm

1/4 woman. Guess that explains my tendencies to play the tuck game and show my girlfriend my mangina when I get out of the shower…

avatar PFG-SCR June 15, 2011, 3:52 pm

Oh, mainer…why do you do this to me?!?! WHYYYYYY?????

Edited to add: I’m glad you’ve upgraded her status. 😉

Dear Wendy Wendy June 15, 2011, 4:00 pm
avatar Jess June 16, 2011, 5:10 am


avatar Calliopedork June 15, 2011, 3:58 pm

I cant possibly be all woman, I like vin deisel movies

avatar AKchic June 15, 2011, 5:45 pm

Please tell me you didn’t like the Disney one where he was the “nanny”. The new Kindergarten Cop if I ever saw one. *shudder* Riddick yes, Disney no. Bad Disney for turning muscle-bound action stars into tutu wearing jokes.

avatar malorla June 15, 2011, 7:15 pm

I got 3/4s man on Esquire’s quiz and 3/4s woman on Wendy’s woman quiz. Seems there’s plenty of me to go around…

avatar Joanna June 15, 2011, 7:32 pm

Well I came out as 1/4 woman and 3/4 man so I guess I am a whole person. Yay!

avatar KRISTEN WILSON June 15, 2011, 8:20 pm


avatar redessa June 15, 2011, 8:27 pm

All woman. I guess this explains why I was not quite a man on the other quiz. 🙂

avatar RoyalEagle0408 June 15, 2011, 9:47 pm

1/4 woman, 3/4 man, sounds about right.

avatar Jess June 16, 2011, 5:08 am

full woman 🙂 🙂

avatar Dave Jay June 16, 2011, 10:53 am

1/4 woman… which might explain my budding man-boobs 🙂

avatar Leyahn June 16, 2011, 4:19 pm

I got 1/4 man or even less (?) on the Esquire one and only 1/4 woman on this one.
I know I am woman
Hear me Roar.

avatar kali June 17, 2011, 1:47 am

All woman and 3/4 man – how does that work?