Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


One of my friends is getting married soon, and she asked me and my roommate to be bridesmaids over a year ago along with two of our other friends. Two months before the wedding she still hadn’t told us what she wanted us to wear to the wedding. At her bridal shower, we asked, and… Read More

NPR recently re-aired an episode of The American Life in which a phone booth in Japan is featured where thousands of people go to feel close to the loved ones they lost in the 2011 tsunami and earthquake. In this glass phone booth, atop a picturesque hill in a remote town, people come to speak… Read More

I am a 40-year-old married mother of four. My oldest is a son who is about to turn 11 and my youngest is 2. Tonight I found pictures on my son’s phone of me that I had sent his step-father. A couple of topless ones, a couple of my bottom, and some close-ups my son… Read More

My relationship with my parents was fine as a child and I had a great childhood growing up. However, as an adult, some issues have started creeping up, particularly as they retired and moved across the country to live in the same city as me — a positive thing, I had thought. They decided that… Read More