Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Guest Column

In light of recent columns, I thought this column from way back in 2011 deserved a re-post. It was written by a guest contributor, Hannah Ehrig, a freelance journalist who was married a few weeks after this originally ran. After countless hours of wedding preparation consisting of watching Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding and Four Weddings… Read More

The following essay is written by guest contributor, Gina D. I met James during our mutual friend’s graduation party at a park the day after I finished high school in May, 2013. After everyone else at the party left, he and I hung around, talking and laughing until very late. We saw each other again… Read More

The following essay is by my friend and guest contributor, Rachel Stolzman. Last year, my husband, Bill, and I were unprepared for the holidays with our then three year-old son, Enrico — unprepared in the ritual and lore department. We could't decide which holiday rites or biblical stories to go with and therefore my kid… Read More

"The electricity of our ideas found its way out of our brains to connect in that kitchen and, purely platonically, we’d fallen in love." The following essay on kindred friendship is a guest post written by Susie Petersiel Berg. I met Karen when she was designing the interior of my friend’s house in Washington, DC… Read More