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33 Weeks!

I hope you don't mind these pregnancy updates, but, if you do, the good news is there won't be too many more. Today I'm 33 weeks pregnant and looking forward to being full-term in just four weeks and maybe having this baby not too long after that (Jackson was born at 37 weeks and I [...]

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24 Down

This week marks my 25th week of pregnancy — I'm just about six months along, and I'm starting to see the finish line faintly in the distance. The last couple of weeks I've really started to feel pregnant: I'm short of breath and get crampy sometimes when I walk a lot or walk too fast; [...]

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17-Week Check-in

I'm 17 weeks pregnant today and, if you'd have asked me a few days ago how I was feeling, I would have said "not very pregnant." I guess I'm still not feeling very pregnant, save for the relentless fatigue that hasn't let up in the second trimester like I'd hoped it would, BUT I felt [...]

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Happy News

In early November, about a week before we moved into our new apartment — the bigger, three-bedroom apartment our family could grow into regardless of whether we remained just the three of us or were lucky enough to add a fourth Condellberry to the mix — we grabbed some dinner at Shake Shack one evening. [...]

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Thoughts on “Boyhood,” Parenthood, and Being Human

Drew and I watched "Boyhood" over the weekend (in bed!) and I know I'm a little late to the game discussing it since it was released many months ago, but, seeing as it was just released for rent a few days ago and it won Golden Globes last night for best picture and best supporting [...]

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Weekday Open Thread

Hi, hi, hi! I feel like we haven't sat down and caught up in so long, so I wanted to take a minute during the hectic holiday madness to say hello. We moved into our new place 3 1/2 weeks ago and we're slowly getting settled in. We still have to finish hanging some pictures, [...]

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Moving, A History (Part I)

Our move date is fast approaching (two more weeks) and I've been feeling nostalgic. This is the longest I have lived anywhere. Ever. In my whole life. I've been in this apartment almost 4 1/2 years. I moved in as a newlywed and I'm moving out as a mother of a 3-year-old (still married, of [...]

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We’re Moving!

After two years of checking the real estate ads religiously (like, on a near daily basis) and sending Drew links of all the different places I could picture us living and daydreaming of the next place we'll call home, I finally convinced him that our lives would totally be perfect if we moved, and over [...]

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It’s Personal: My Chemical Pregnancy

My 38th birthday last Monday was one of my favorite birthdays so far. Drew took the day off work and arranged for Jackson's babysitter to watch him until mid-afternoon. We had breakfast at a coffee shop around the corner and then rode our bikes down to Brighton Beach before eating lunch at my favorite ramen [...]

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I was so sad yesterday to hear of Robin Williams' death, and especially sad to hear that he'd been suffering from serious depression and that his death was the result of an apparent suicide. I can't say I know what it feels like to have serious depression or to battle lifelong mental health issues, but [...]

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Parents Just Want to Have Fun

Last week POPSUGAR Love syndicated my post about 30 Things That Will (Probably) Happen to Your in Your 30s and a commenter wrote: "This is written in a really "non-mom" tone. I only relate to about half of these," which I thought was kind of interesting since I am, in fact, a mom and I [...]

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It’s Personal: Riding the Path

In the next couple of months, several friends are moving away, a couple of friends are having babies (and several more are trying to get pregnant), and most of us who became close when our babies were still actually babies will be sending our kids off to preschool (Jackson starts school two months from today, [...]

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The other day I got an email from DW reader Veritek33 that inspired this question: If you could go back in time to ten years ago, what advice would you give your younger self? Ten years ago I was 27 (that's me in the photo exactly ten years ago), living alone in Chicago, going to [...]

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite days of the year because: 1) margaritas!; 2) my mama's birthday (that's her on the right, and that's my sweet Grandma on the left, and me in the middle with Jackson during his second holiday season, 2012)!; 3) it's the day I met Drew, eight years ago!; [...]

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How Did You Spend Your Wedding Night?

My wedding night was lots of fun, but not in the, ahem, traditional sense. We got married earlier in the day and had a subdued lunchtime reception at a Manhattan restaurant a few blocks from our place. Afterward, we went home, changed out of our wedding attire, read some of our wedding cards, took a [...]

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