Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

It’s Personal

It’s been one week since we moved into our new home — what was to be our forever home — and I am legit depressed. We looked for our home for so long, and were — we thought — so careful and thoughtful about our choice. We’d heard horror stories about NYC real estate and… Read More

Brian Rea for The New York Times It’s been 13 years since The New York Times debuted its hit column, Modern Love, which covers all the angst and wonder, joy and despair, of modern day relationships. The essays in the column generally reach about 1500 words. In honor of the column’s 13th birthday, the editors… Read More

There was a plea on the other day for people in committed relationships to be more revealing and forthcoming about what sex in their relationships is like. “Our reluctance to talk honestly about sex in committed relationships can reinforce problematic myths,” the Vogue writer argued. “There is a lot of information about dating, but… Read More

Sometimes, at the right angle, I can catch a glimpse of my kids and see what they’ll look like when they’re a few years older. Here, in this photo of Jackson taken on Saturday after a birthday party (hence the face painting and goody bag), I think I can actually see what he’ll look like… Read More

Me, with my family, on my 40th birthday and on Jackson’s first day of kindergarten. The topic of aging is probably not too far from most of our minds on any given week. How could it not be when we are bombarded with societal messages, from advertisements to doctors’ advice, about getting older and how… Read More