Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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Hi! Finally, after five days, I’m feeling better — not 100% just yet, but well enough that I feel confident handling the kids on my own this evening and Drew doesn’t have to cancel plans that he has to stay home and help. I don’t have a column ready for this morning though, and may… Read More

Hello, hello! It feels like ages since I had a chance to check in and catch up with you and today, after watching Jackson’s Hispanic Heritage performance at school this morning (his class danced the meringue–so cute!) and then volunteering at kindergarten lunch and recess, I have a little time while Joanie naps in which… Read More

I turned 40 earlier this month and one of the goals I set for myself for this decade was to make my life a little easier. This is different — or I should say more — than just “simplifying my life,” which makes me think of mad organizing binges (which I have regularly), getting rid… Read More

(Me, about midway through my 30s). Today is the last day of my 30s. Tomorrow my first-born starts kindergarten and I turn 40, and I am mostly excited — but a little nostalgic — about both these milestones. My 30s were pretty fantastic, albeit exhausting. I fell in love with Drew, I almost lost him… Read More