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If you're single and don't want to be and you find yourself repeating the same dating cycles over and over, you may be sabotaging your love life. It's easy — and comfortable — to embrace patterns and behaviors, wearing them like a cozy blanket around our shoulders in the cold, cold world of dating. But, [...]

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A version of this post was originally published December 31, 2013. It's the last week of the year, which means many of us are: frantically making NYE plans; frantically trying to find something to wear for said NYE plans; filling out our 2015 calendars with birthdays and doctors appointments because we're 84, apparently; stocking up [...]

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15 Ways to Tell if You’re Being a Bridezilla

In light of recent columns, I thought this column from way back in 2011 deserved a re-post. It was written by a guest contributor, Hannah Ehrig, a freelance journalist who was married a few weeks after this originally ran. After countless hours of wedding preparation consisting of watching Bridezillas, My Fair Wedding and Four Weddings [...]

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22 Easy Things You Can Do To Help Save the Earth

(This post was originally published in April, 2014) This is a site all about relationships, and one of the most important relationships any of us has is with our planet. And, y'all, it's a pretty dysfunctional relationship at this point. We are abusing it, arguably beyond repair. But if we act quickly and smartly, we [...]

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Last month, I shared a list of things that will (probably) happen to you in your 30s. In a continuing effort to preserve my memory and to add to the record I have of my (distant-ish) youth, I bring you 21 things that will (probably) happen to you in your 20s (the decade of decadence [...]

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In September, I'll turn 38. I'm at the age now where, when people ask how old I am, it takes me a minute to remember. I don't know if that's because I've already been 37 different ages and it's hard to keep straight which one I am now, or if it's because I'm in denial, [...]

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What Women Say Vs. What They Really Mean

We women say a lot of things and half of it is code for something else. So, to help break the code, here's a handy list of some common things we women say and what we really mean when we say them. To their friend who just got a really bad haircut: "It doesn't look [...]

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10 Signs You’re Ready to Move for Love

One of the most frequently-asked questions I receive as an advice columnist is some variation of: Should I move for love? And as someone who DID move for love after being in a long-distance relationship for a year and a half, I have some ideas on the subject. Obviously, if you're in an LDR, one [...]

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Five Relationship Tips You Can Apply to Your Career

The following guest post is by Hannah Sternberg, also known as "Banana" on DW. Take a look at your career problems and replace the word “job” with “boyfriend.” You’ll be surprised by how similar your career issues are to some of the Dear Wendy letters that make you shake your head. With that in mind, [...]

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Whether you've experienced a recent loss or you're strapped for cash or short on time or you're sick or feeling especially lonely or sad or anxious this year, the holidays can make you feel worse than you already do. It can be hard to muster enthusiasm for the parties and celebrations and the endless obligations [...]

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How to Make Friends After College

Loneliness is a major theme in many of the letters I receive and in conversations in the forums. People date the wrong guys (or women) not because they necessarily are desperate for a relationship, but because they're desperate for a companion — for company, for a friend. Friends are so much harder to make once [...]

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Last week in the forums, a 35-year-old woman and mother of four boys (bless her) wrote that she met her 45-year-old boyfriend last August and he moved in with her and her kids four months later. She says that they "never did make a plan as to how the bills would be split up." She [...]

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The Huffington Post ran an article this week called "Are All the Good Men/Women Really Already Taken?". The authors said, "No, they aren't!" They argue that many people embrace the idea that the good ones are taken simply because "it protects them from the possibility of the rejection, disappointment, pain or loss that can accompany [...]

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20 Tips for Surviving a Breakup

Whether you were together for a decade or just a few months, are the dumper or the dumpee (although, let's face it, the former is better), breakups suck. Unfortunately, they're also a part of life and most of us at some point or another will experience one. Some of us will experience many. But the [...]

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15 Signs Your Relationship Is Going Nowhere

Inspired by this thread in the forums, I thought I'd write up a little list to help those of you in questionable relationships figure out whether you're facing an eventual dead end. Keep reading for 15 signs your relationship is going nowhere. 1. Every time you broach the topic of your future together, he looks [...]

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