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Summer Check-in

Hello! Guess what today is? It's 17 more days until school starts again! (And also 17 more days until I turn 40, but in our home the former is the bigger deal). This summer has been a ... kind of weird one. Nothing particularly challenging has happened in our home, though we've had some struggles [...]

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School’s Out For Summer

There are lots of ways to be reminded of the passing of time. The holidays are always a big reminder for me: the traditions, the family visits, the ringing in of a new year. For a long time, the beginning and end of a school year were pretty pronounced markers of time passing. Then I [...]

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A Blessing For My Joanie May

This weekend is Joanie's baby naming ceremony, a Jewish tradition in which a baby girl (usually newborn, but obviously not always) is given her Hebrew name along with blessings by a rabbi and her loved ones. We chose a Hebrew name, Hephzibah, that honors her Grandpa Herb, Drew's dad, who died six months ago, and [...]

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On Getting Knocked Down

Yesterday's impromptu discussion about women's sizing and body image in general hit especially close to home for me. Nine months ago today I had my second baby and my body has not been the same since. I don't remember this — losing weight, toning up, accepting myself — being so difficult after I had Jackson. [...]

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The Balancing Act

Show of hands — how many of you noticed that the I posted the weekly forum highlights yesterday instead of today? Drew noticed and my mom noticed, but did anyone who isn't related or married to me notice? Part of me thought I could get away with that little switcheroo and no one would be [...]

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Happy Half Birthday to My Sweet Joanie May

Joanie woke up early today — 6 AM — after sleeping a full 12 hours straight. Drew got her out of her crib and gave her a bottle and then brought her to me in bed so he could take a shower. Jackson was still asleep, the sun was slowly rising, and in the quiet [...]

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New Motherhood The Second Time Around

Little Joanie May is 11 weeks old today and rapidly aging out of the sweet newborn stage. I remember this age with Jackson really well; it was probably when I felt the worst, actually. Two and half months of sleep deprivation had caught up with me while the novelty of a brand new baby was [...]

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Adjusting to the New Normal

Joanie is five weeks old now and I was going to write a post about the sibling relationship between her and Jackson. I started it a couple times, about how the first week or two were pretty rough and how Jackson was doing a lot of acting out, but, in the weeks since then it's [...]

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My fiancée and I started dating in January of this year. We live three hours apart, but we text pretty much all day every day during the week and spend every weekend together, the majority of the time with me driving to her home. She is widowed and has two teenage boys, whom I get [...]

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From the forums: My boyfriend and I have been dating since March. His son, Larry, is 10 and lives about four hours away. His son stayed with his dad at my house Saturday (not the first time) and, since my girls were staying with their dad, Larry slept in my daughter's room. My daughter had [...]

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(Originally posted in June, 2013. Re-posting now because the question has come up frequently from LWs and in the forums. P.S. That picture of Jackson below is exactly what Joanie looks like right now, which is kind of freaky.). I've been doing a lot of thinking about the whole kid thing lately, and I just [...]

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Three Weeks Down

Little Miss Joanie May is three weeks old today. I am so, so, so, so tired that a photo and a short post is all I can muster this afternoon. Jackson started camp today (he'll go twice a week for the next three weeks, and then six weeks from tomorrow he starts PUBLIC SCHOOL, OH [...]

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Flying Solo

Joanie May turned two weeks old yesterday and Drew headed back to work this morning, which means I'm flying solo with both kids for the first time (since bringing the baby home, I've had the help of both Drew and our part-time sitter, Mavis, who is off today). It's 8:45 AM as I write this [...]

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She’s Here!!

We're thrilled to introduce our daughter, Joanie May Condell, born at 8:26 PM on 7-7-15, 5 lbs. 13 oz. She's sweet as can be and can't wait to meet her big brother later today and more family and friends soon. Everyone is healthy, happy, and tired. More photos and details to come.

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Full-Term and Ready for Baby!

I'm 37 weeks pregnant today — considered full-term (or early-term, depending on whom you ask; either way, doctors agree this is considered a safe zone for delivery) — and this will probably be my last pregnancy update. Ever! I saw my OB yesterday and she said she wouldn't be surprised if I deliver in the [...]

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