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An Interview With Jackson, Age 3-1/2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRj0aMuIa1Q A Facebook friend of mine linked to this interview she conducted on her almost-three-year-old son, and I liked it so well that I immediately turned reporter on Jackson and asked him the same questions. This is a fun exercise for any mom of a young kid (I think it would work best on kids [...]

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24 Down

This week marks my 25th week of pregnancy — I'm just about six months along, and I'm starting to see the finish line faintly in the distance. The last couple of weeks I've really started to feel pregnant: I'm short of breath and get crampy sometimes when I walk a lot or walk too fast; [...]

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Thoughts on “Boyhood,” Parenthood, and Being Human

Drew and I watched "Boyhood" over the weekend (in bed!) and I know I'm a little late to the game discussing it since it was released many months ago, but, seeing as it was just released for rent a few days ago and it won Golden Globes last night for best picture and best supporting [...]

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It’s Personal: My Chemical Pregnancy

My 38th birthday last Monday was one of my favorite birthdays so far. Drew took the day off work and arranged for Jackson's babysitter to watch him until mid-afternoon. We had breakfast at a coffee shop around the corner and then rode our bikes down to Brighton Beach before eating lunch at my favorite ramen [...]

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Parents Just Want to Have Fun

Last week POPSUGAR Love syndicated my post about 30 Things That Will (Probably) Happen to Your in Your 30s and a commenter wrote: "This is written in a really "non-mom" tone. I only relate to about half of these," which I thought was kind of interesting since I am, in fact, a mom and I [...]

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Jumping Off The Fence

Next Wednesday, Drew turns 44 and Jackson turns 2 1/2. In September, I will be 38. Thirty-eight!! How did I get here already? This year marks twenty years since I graduated from high school  — twenty years since I started college! I look at my friends whom I met when I was 17, 18, 19, [...]

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A Time for Every Season

It's been over two months since I wrote this post about feeling unloved, or at least unliked, by Jackson. Intellectually, I knew it was a phase, but it was a phase that had been going on so long, especially relative to Jackson's young age, that it was hard to truly imagine a time when he [...]

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“How Do You Find Balance After You Have a Baby?”

I recently got married and we agreed to stop actively preventing pregnancy for now. Emotionally, we're not exactly ready to have kids though financially we are. Ideally, we would wait three years, but we would feel very blessed to have a baby before then (we had my fertility tested and there are some issues; if [...]

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The following essay is a guest post written by my friend, Emily Morris. On my seventh birthday I got a baby doll. I named her Jenny and carried her around for months, dressed her in baby clothes, and slept with her in my bed. I cut her hair (into what I thought was an adorable [...]

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The Secret To Happy Relationships: Don’t Have Kids?

A brand new study involving interviews and surveys with more than 5,000 people of all ages, statuses and sexual orientations over a two-year period, discovered that couples who reported being happiest of all are... those without kids. This finding doesn't surprise me too much. I would say I was probably happier in my marriage before [...]

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“I’m Jealous of My Sister’s Pregnancy”

From the forums: My husband and I had an accidental pregnancy about 1.5 years ago and lost it suddenly at 12 weeks. It was soul-crushing and the pain is still tender. I wanted to try again immediately, but we took some time off to have our wedding. We started trying again the month before our [...]

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It's the second week of January, traditionally a depressing time of year for many of us. The holidays are over, it's cold and dark out, our pants are tight, and the light at the end of the tunnel (AKA April) seems so very far away. I'm experiencing the usual seasonal depression I get every January, [...]

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The Joy is Louder Too

Yesterday I asked you what you'd like to see more of on this site and many of you replied with "more personal essays!" And it's true, I haven't been writing as much personal stuff lately. Part of that is because the personal stuff takes a bit more time and focus — two things I often [...]

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Fewer Married Women Having Children

Yesterday, on a day that I had four hours of childcare help, I still spent roughly an hour or so potty-training my 2-year-old, changed a few diapers, managed two terrible temper tantrums, did several loads of laundry, cleaned up countless messes, and stepped on no fewer than three legos. And according to a new study [...]

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I am a stay-at-home mom. My mother-in-law is our primary babysitter on the rare occasions one is needed. She loves our kids so much and they have a great time with her. On my husband's side of the family, there is a history of Alzheimer's. I've noticed many times that, unless I write down explicit [...]

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