Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Program notes

After this morning’s column, how about something a little more cheerful and heartwarming, huh? Today I received emails from two of the teachers who participated in our annual holiday book drive late last month. This week they passed along the books to their students, and I thought you’d enjoy reading what the teachers had to… Read More

Update: All the books have now been purchased and the registries are 100% fulfilled! Thank you so much for your generosity, everyone! Update #3: As of 5:30 AM, Wednesday, all by 12 books have been purchased from the teachers’ registries. Please check Alison’s and Ogo’s registries and help reach our goal of every book being… Read More


I’m taking a couple days off from posting to enjoy time with family in the Midwest. The forums are open for business though if you need your fix of daily drama, advice, and chit chat. And if you’re newish here or haven’t already read every single post ever published, here are a few good ones… Read More

The site will be undergoing some scheduled maintenance today from 1-5 EST as it’s transferred to a new server. Anything posted during these hours, including comments on both the main page and in the forums, will be lost during the transfer. Thanks for your cooperation… Read More

We Did It!

The largest protest in US history! Sister marches all over the world, on all seven continents! This is only the beginning. We will not be silenced. I went to the New York march, where an estimated 400,000 people came out. There were so many of us that the march route couldn’t contain us and we… Read More