Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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By now you’ve probably heard about – or even read — the report on Aziz Ansari and the sexual assault allegations a former date recently made against him. I first saw a link to the expose on my Facebook feed Monday morning, posted by a feminist neighborhood dad we’re friendly with, who captioned it, simply… Read More

I loved this piece in the Times the other day about acknowledging our “thing” — “that particular behavior, habit or mind-set that is self-destructive but that we’re completely blind to” — that’s keeping us from achieving our full potential (including a happy relationship). Apparently — and this may come as no surprise to you — something… Read More

I just finished reading this memoir by a woman who grew up biracial in the United States in the 70s and 80s, and I was surprised by her experience. She talks a lot about how different she felt from everyone else, especially being one of only a handful of kids of color in some of… Read More

In this morning’s column, I replied to a letter from a man who felt his life was meaningless and empty because he had not married and had children. He felt like a “loser” and “failure,” he’d withdrawn from people he cared about, and he dreaded bumping into old friends whose kids are now teenagers. We… Read More

There was some discussion in the forums recently about running into exes, which got me thinking about my own experiences with that. My first serious boyfriend lived across the street from me, so after we broke up, I had to see him all the time. Of course, in those initial weeks after the breakup, I… Read More