Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

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This column from the other day got me thinking about vacations with significant others and how, at least fairly early on, they have the power to make or break a relationship. The first significant trip I remember taking with Drew was when we went to China together in 2008. We’d been dating for over two… Read More

This column from earlier in the week prompted some thoughts about how far people are going in the first couple of dates. (It also prompted at least one person to leave the site for good, but that’s another story.) The LW didn’t kiss on the first date, and we can assume from her letter and… Read More

Today is my eighth wedding anniversary, so I’ve been feeling nostalgic and thinking about all that has changed since Drew and I tied the knot. There are the obvious things, of course. There’s our move to Brooklyn a year after our wedding, where we’ve been happily putting down roots. There are lots of new friends… Read More

My Instagram feed these last couple weeks has been filled with photos of other people’s fantastic-looking vacation photos: Iceland, Tuscany, Israel, Barcelona, London, Vancouver. I’m on vacation, too, but nowhere exotic (visiting my parents in Springfield, Mo.). I enjoyed our long weekend trip to Charleston, SC., but I’m looking forward to traveling internationally again, hopefully… Read More