Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

I hope everyone had a great week. We just got back yesterday from visiting my parents in Missouri. That’s a picture from a moonshine distillery, Copper Run, nestled deep in the Ozarks, about ah hour from where my parents live, where I like to while away a few hours on a lazy afternoon when I’m… Read More

Today is Joanie’s second birthday. I can hardly believe two years have flown by since she made her grand entrance (as they say about parenthood: the days are long, but the years are short). In other ways, it feels Joanie has always been here, always been a part of our family, always had a space… Read More

Happy weekend, everyone! And happy long holiday weekend to those of you who get Monday and Tuesday off. I’m not feeling particularly proud to be an American these days, but I’ll still enjoy a hotdog or two, spend time with family and friends, and watch fireworks from my roof after the sun goes down. I’ll… Read More

Here’s all four of us in one shot! This is in Charleston, not that there’s any evidence of that. We’re having a good time and eating all the food. And getting lots of mosquito bites. And my gene for car sickness was passed along to my kids, bigly, so that’s been fun. Have a wonderful… Read More

Back when Drew and I were first put in touch by our matchmaker friend, Meg, we initially emailed back and forth for a couple of weeks before we were able to meet in person. We covered a lot in those first email exchanges — his love of the Yankees, my love of bike riding (especially… Read More