Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Happy last Friday of 2016, everyone! I'm in Springfield, Mo., for a few days visiting my family. Not sure yet what, if anything, special I'll do for NYE. To be honest, this year I'd be perfectly content staying in, watching Anderson Cooper and what's her face, and going to bed early. But maybe I'll go… Read More (Come Together – directed by Wes Anderson starring Adrien Brody) Well, as Jackson said last night before bed as I reminded him that today would be his last day of school for the year and that Hanukkah would begin in two nights, and Christmas the next day, and his best friend would be here… Read More

Can you believe we're a week away from Christmas (and Hanukkah!)? Every year, it sneaks up on me and every year I try to get started with everything — shopping, planning, decorating — a little earlier so that, in the final days of the holiday season, I can be present and slow down and enjoy… Read More

Ugh, I was up all night battling what I guess is the flu. It came on suddenly at 7 PM and I threw up probably more times in one night than in all my months of pregnancy combined (I'm not pregnant, fyi). We had plans to go out this evening, so Drew called our sitter… Read More

Phew, this felt like a long week, didn't it? But despite all the bad post-election news, I'm feeling uplifted and optimistic this week, in large part because of your generosity, your kind comments and emails of support, and the general atmosphere of goodwill in this community. I feel a renewed sense of commitment to you… Read More