Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Weekend Open Thread

Phew, this felt like a long week, didn't it? But despite all the bad post-election news, I'm feeling uplifted and optimistic this week, in large part because of your generosity, your kind comments and emails of support, and the general atmosphere of goodwill in this community. I feel a renewed sense of commitment to you… Read More “What I say to them is that people are complicated,” Obama told me. “Societies and cultures are really complicated … This is not mathematics; this is biology and chemistry. These are living organisms, and it’s messy. And your job as a citizen and as a decent human being is to constantly affirm and lift… Read More

On Wednesday evening, I was walking home with Jackson from a weekly appointment we have, feeling super glum. It was a dreary day and not just because of the election results, and, since the time change over the weekend, it was much darker on our walk home than normal. Jackson asked if it was so… Read More

Phew, we made it through the week, and only a few more days and we will have made it through this maddening election. I cannot wait to be done with this. I was heartbroken when Bernie lost the primaries and I've never really recovered, but, still, how can I not feel some excitement at the… Read More

Happy weekend! We had plans to go upstate this weekend, but we had to cancel and now we're staying local and hitting a couple birthday parties and Jackson's school pumpkin patch and stuff like that. What are you up to? By the way, Anthropologie is having a store-wide 20% sale through the weekend for members… Read More