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    Hi guys

    I’m 19 years old and feeling like I’ve really failed myself, my family and everyone else I have had to do with. I’ve gained some weight, dropped out of Uni because I couldn’t keep up, struggle with social interactions to the point where I am always cancelling plans (whether they be with friends, family or personal commitments). I have been fortunate enough to receive counselling, however I find it difficult trusting the healthcare workers.

    I understand that my problems compared to the problems of many other people are minuscule, but to me they control my life and it is a daily struggle to contribute to anything.

    I am very scared of the future as I can barely deal with the present.

    If anyone has any advice they could give me it would be well received.

    Thank you

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    Hi Emily – I’m sorry you’re struggling. I’m not a doctor but I have experienced depression in the past and it was a LOT like what you are describing. Why don’t you trust healthcare providers? Is there something specific or just a general unease? Please know that can be part of the depression too – it is telling you that you’re not worthy of help and even if you did get help it won’t work anyway. That’s what depression does – it lies to you and makes you feel hopeless. I would strongly encourage you to keep trying with the counseling even if it means changing providers until you find one you’re comfortable with.

    In the meantime, try to move your body
    Not for weight loss but because physical activity releases hormones that make you feel happier. Go for a walk, put on some music you love and dance alone in your kitchen, whatever feels doable on a regular basis.

    I wish you luck. It’s not easy to deal with depression. You deserve help and you deserve to be happier.

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    Yes, you sound depressed. Seek help. And keep moving! It really can help cheer you up.

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