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Am i overreacting about my partner of 4 years?

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    Leslie Joan

    Several people have commented on the different love languages, and in none of those comments is it at all evident that the people talking about it don’t understand the concept. And the concept itself is pretty commonly used, so I don’t think we need a tutorial.

    Just because there are different Love Languages doesn’t mean there aren’t also people who only care about themselves. I can think of several people whose love is only directed at themselves, and they are flaming narcissists.

    But regardless of whether the guy is a selfish derp, or whether these two just have tragically mis-matched love languages, the bottom line is that after 4 years of this, he’s not going to change. So LW needs to decide if she wants to stay for more of the same, or move the heck on.

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    @LeslieJoan – you have hit the nail on the head. Repeating what I said upthread – he’s an ass and she needs to determine if this is acceptable or a deal breaker.

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    Lynn lynn

    My husband is terrible at gifts! But he at least tries! This guy sounds like a selfish asshole. I say walk away, not because he is not buying you gifts but because he is disappointing you. Unless everything else is amazing, and he thinks of you in other ways…for example my husband always makes sure my toothbrush is charged. Silly but it’s super sweet. This boyfriend knows your birthday is important and he blows it off, I say you run, if it’s bad now imagine how it will be in 5 more years…

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    Aww the toothbrush thing is actually really cute. The guy i am dating always makes sure he has the kind of bread I like for grilled cheese because it is one of my favorite things to eat when I am late night hungry. I am one who does need the gifts, to an extent, but I truly do love these little things.

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    Eh, gift letters always make me go… meh. Buy your OWN shit.

Viewing 5 posts - 37 through 41 (of 41 total)
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