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Australians voted yes for marriage equality

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    I’m SUPER low key excited right now. Our stupid postal survey has been completed and Aus voted 61.6% yes in favour of marriage equality. Of course it’s a non-binding waste of money and time survey but I have my fingers crossed it means a law change is on the horizon. I can’t concentrate at work, I just keep refreshing all the news.

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    Finally! Some good news!!

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    It is a good reminder that a few things are going right in this world.

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    A bill is going up for debate in parliament today, hopefully it makes some headway. There was a harsh one written up that allowed for all sorts of ‘religious freedoms’ aka discrimination but it was pushed aside in favour of a less draconian one.

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    It was non-binding, but there was high voter participation rate and it passed by a wide margin, despite both Catholic and Episcopal churches strongly and actively opposing it. A lot of politicians in the conservative party wanted and expected it to fail. In the articles I’ve read, they seem a bit chastened. I’m guessing this will pass into law. Even with a non-binding referendum, it is the kiss of death for a politician to just thwart the very clear will of the people. A referendum has a lot more weight than an opinion poll.

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    It wasn’t a referendum, just a postal survey – an opinion poll in fact. If it was a referendum it would have been immediately binding.

    Tony Abbott, our former prime minister and the ghoul who set this whole hideous process into place because he’s a frustrated catholic had a 75% yes vote in his electorate which is just DELICIOUS.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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