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    Yes to cozy robe, mani/pedi, or massage.

    I’d also add once she has the baby, anything that she loved but couldn’t have would be welcome. For example, I had an Italian sub the night I gave birth and sushi the next night. It was so nice to indulge again after abstaining so long. We also had a bottle of champagne in the fridge, which I drank as soon as I was up to it, with my husband.

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    I agree with SpaceySteph on clothes. For me it wasn’t so much “ugh, my body’s so different and I need bigger clothes” (although that was true). It was more that I’d spent 9 months in maternity clothes, I finally had my body back to myself a bit, and I hadn’t bought any new “real” clothes in over a year! Also I needed some nursing shirts, nursing bras, etc.

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    I froze a bunch of different soups and sauce for pasta that I knew a friend of mine liked. It didn’t cost a lot but it seemed to really help her and her partner when they didn’t have time to cook but wanted something homemade for dinner. They said it was helpful and it was kind of fun to do.

    If you knit, I made an entire family some sock monkey booties once which was well received. I can send you a pattern if you want.

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    I second the spa idea. Even just a gift of lotions and dry oils is lovely.

    Another idea is a personal chef to come a couple of times and make them a nice adult dinner in their kitchen. I don’t have any personal recommendations, but you can usually find a couple online. They either come to your home, have meals for pick up or will deliver a full meal that was cooked that day and only needs to be reheated.

Viewing 4 posts - 13 through 16 (of 16 total)
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