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    I know there are a lot of cat lovers on the site, so I thought I would ask for a little advice about dealing with cat aggression. I have a male cat that I’ve had for 16 years. My husband and I recently adopted a 1 year old female cat. At first she was submissive, but then one time he hissed at her and she swatted and chased him. She’s done this a couple of times and I want some advice on how to stop it. We did the thing that all the cat articles tell you where you introduce them slowly and put the new cat a separate room for the first few days. They are both fixed and my male cat lived with another female cat for 14 years. I lost her to cancer last year.

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    Why can’t we be friends bump.

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    Some cats just don’t get along, just like some people don’t. If she’s not letting him retreat and is *really* going after him I would separate them. If it’s once or twice a day that she chases him and bats at him but isn’t trying to do damage I would probably give it time. One thing I found can help bring about friendlier relationships is to give them treats together and to alternate running one then the other so that they associate the others’ scent with getting affection. The other thing I would look at is the food, water, and litter placement. Make sure those resources are abundant so nobody feels threatened by lack of resources.

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    Another issue is the massive age difference; a one year old cat is likely looking for more stimulation than your senior kitty is. Are you playing with her? Does she have stuff to climb on and play with? If she’s chasing him and batting but not really trying to hurt him or keep him AWAY from her she may just be trying to get him to play.

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    You can’t stop them from not liking each other, but I think over time they will probably create their own boundaries. It might be a good thing that they are “fighting” right now because it hopefully will let each one know that they can’t steamroll over the other one. A lot of cats eventually come to sort of an irritated acceptance of each other where they usually avoid each other, and only occasionally fight. But even cats who like each other will get irritated at some point with each other.

    Just be sure there are lots of spots for them to hide out. Cat trees are nice. My friend with two cats has one and it’s a good chance for one cat to get away from the other cat when he wants to be alone. And be sure to spend time being affectionate with each cat so they don’t get jealous.

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    Your pool adult kitty! He’s so not happy with a young kid running around.

    My mom did this a few years back. (13 and 1 year) They would eventually play with the older cat just knocked the kitten over because she was dumb. It was great. They eventually got along. Just keep loving on your kitty and it’ll work out. They may never get along.

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    I brought in a 6-month-old cat when my first cat was 1.5-years-old. She (my first one) hated him and still does. It’s been about 5 years. She’s lazy and he’s a bundlr of energy, and I think his wanting to play bugged her. Gone are my dreams of my two kitties snuggling up together in a cat bed. Just let them work it out. Mine don’t mind being around each other now. They fight occasionally, maybe once a month. And the younger one isn’t allowed up on the bed at night, the older one chases him off. But other than that they coexist peacefully.

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    My two were never friends and will never be friends but like RRRR’s they coexist well enough and that may be all you can hope for. If there isn’t yowling or growling going on it could just be an attempt to play that is backfiring because the older one doesn’t want to. My younger one tries to play with the older girl by chasing/swatting and is usually rewarded with a hiss. He’s also double her size though and that youthful physicality might be scary to your older cat as well. Give it time, make sure treats and litter boxes are abundant and hopefully they’ll sort it out.

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    Have you tried Feliway?

    Try that.

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    Don’t know if someone suggested this earlier but buy some Amazon Cat hormones. It really really helps. I don’t remember the names but maybe search Cat hormones diffuser? I brought home a kitten to my 6-year old cat and they get along great now. I do think it was the hormones.

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    I had brother and sister cats, but the brother died at 3.5 years old. I got a boy cat kitten as a replacement. He adored her, but she was indifferent to him. (Come to think of it, I know a few human couples like that…)

    At first she would slap him with claws, so I admonished her and she quickly learned that was not acceptable. Other than that, I let them work out their own dynamic. He was a strong alpha type, but he always deferred to her if she had a preference. It was fascinating to watch.

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    Cats are terrible. Get a dog.

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