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    i’m currently living with the coolest people ever, a couple, i really love them as friends, and have a lot of fun with them both.
    the problem is i have started developing feelings for the guy. i would never do anything to harm their relationship, and now im stuck between being so happy here with them and the unfortunate attachment to him?
    we went out drinking this weekend and i acted very rude cause i was trying to create distance between him and i and do the right thing. but now i fear i will just lose them as a friend. i fear i can’t hide / ignore the attachment even though i only want to be friends and maintain the life we all have now.
    i am worried i may have to move out so there isnt any weirdness but i also wouldn’t want to tell them the reason because it would still change things.
    feeling very stuck.

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    Do you have a therapist or trusted friend? Talk to them about this and work on coping mechanisms.
    He’s not available, he’s not an option, so start reframing these unwanted feelings in your head.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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