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    We’ve been trying for 2 years and have only gotten pregnant once (at 22 months) but lost the pregnancy at 8 weeks. 6 months is nothing.

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    @macattack, that was my original post from August. I’d posted an update.

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    Have you tried fertility yoga? Where I live there is a yoga studio/spa that caters to fertility and pregnant women. I have 2 friends who went through something similar. Being around other women having a difficult time really helped their mental well-being.

    It is not fair for your husband to put a moratorium on talking about it. You need space to process and grieve and worry. Maybe he will be more comfortable if it is with a bunch of strangers, than sharing it with close family and friends.

    You are definitely not alone in experiencing this, and there is no reason you should go without support in processing your feelings. Good luck to you and Mr. Freckles. Sending you positive baby making thoughts.

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    I get that Mr Freckles won’t be too keen on acupuncture, but if you don’t try things, then nothing changes. It won’t do any harm & if you can get it free/cheaply, then why not? That’s why I also suggested checking on his (and yours) diet ( & multivitamin- as some people really don’t ingest good nutrients) & exercise as it’s a easy thing to adjust. Think more actual food that isn’t prepackaged & veg, organic meat. Not much sugar( ideally none at all); as even when not diabetic it messes with insulin levels which means the body is dealing with that rather then getting on and creating healthy sperm/eggs etc.

    Have a look at It’s not a forum, but it has a advice column on everything pregnancy related etc & perhaps she might have a question already answered that’s useful or you could write to her. Very no bullsh*t, but kind.

    You need to find ‘your people/person’ to talk to about this and it can’t just be your husband as it stresses you both & there are somethings you can’t safely say to each other.

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    Just wanted to say I’m sorry, Freckles. I’m a big advocate of being open about issues around fertility/child birth/raising a child, because I feel like there’s a stigma that will never go away until people are frank about it. And, it turns out that once you start talking about it, people come out of the woodwork with similar issues. But, my husband is a very private person, so I definitely understand the need to be sensitive to his feelings and find some balance. Internet hugs to you.

Viewing 5 posts - 37 through 41 (of 41 total)
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