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    Wendy’s travel post from a couple days ago got me wondering: Has anyone here been on safari?

    It’s been at the top of our travel list for years, and my husband and I finally have just about enough miles to get to Nairobi really cheap. It has to be Nairobi though, flying to South Africa or elsewhere in Africa costs a lot more (I think because airport taxes vary from place to place).

    It looks like Kenya/Tanzania have some amazing safari options, but it’s a little overwhelming trying to choose. We definitely can’t afford the real luxury stuff (wow, safaris can get $$$ really fast!) and unfortunately I think I’m too old for the real budget trips — so something mid-range would be ideal.

    I know it might be a long shot but if anybody has been to Kenya and/or Tanzania, I would love to hear from you! I also loved reading about all your travel plans for this summer. It’s a long way from Kenya haha, but Charleston, SC has been added to my travel bucket list!

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    To the extent possible, book in private reserves – national parks mean you cannot go off-roading, and need to be in a covered car – which makes it much much harder to see the animals up close. I’ve been to Tanzania and South Africa – so not as familiar with Kenya – but there has been some unrest politically on the safari land there in some places (due to massive herds of cattle illegally grazing on land)… so just make sure you look into that before you go.

    The safari trips I have taken have been the most incredible of my life… highly recommend.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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