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    My husband was checking his phone un front of me and I saw that he has a chat lock app. I asked him why and he said that he hates when I see his texts. I was like WTF, I have NEVER checked his phone or his WhatsApp chats. If he hands me his phone for something and I see a text I tell him “XX texted you” and apparently he hates that. I don’t know what to think of it. I’m the kind of person that thinks that if you need an app to hide your texts its because yo have something to hide, and I personally wouldnt have something like that. WDYT? Do I let it go or do I go deeper? Also I am never ever touching his phone again, even if he hands it to me.

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    Just to be clear if he hands me his phone to see a pic or whatever the name of the person texting appears on the top of the screen.
    But Im not actively or deliberately searching for texts. I have never done that.

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    I dunno. I will day that some people are very reflexively private about these things. I don’t like the fact that people can look at all of my private conversations by picking up my phone. I’d never cheat on my wife but I would be uncomfortable sharing say my email password with her.

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    This would bother me. I don’t like someone going through my phone either (not saying you were) because I have some personal conversations but this reeks of hiding something to me. My ex started being weird about his phone and so I eventually looked and guess what, he became secretive for a reason.

    I would dig deeper if it were me.

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    It would bother me and yeah, I would probably dig deeper.

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    I’m like Fyodor, I wouldn’t share passwords. But I also wouldn’t feel the need to lock my chats, because a) I have nothing to hide and b) I trust my husband not to go through my phone. It sounds to me like he either does have something to hide, or he doesn’t trust you, or both.

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    He gave me his email password and I check it for him when he tells me to. His phone is under my name so I could easily check it. He shows me things on his phone all the time. He uses my Facebook because he doesn’t have one and even uses my phone all the time and even asks me questions about things he sees in it. So apparently he trusts me with everything except his texts. 🤔🤔

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    My bells are ringing over this, for what it’s worth.

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    I think it’s a little weird. You’ve got someone who hands over his email password and gives you his phone, but is so private that he locks his chats/texts. I also wouldn’t appreciate him connecting his choice to get this app to your behavior: ‘Because you read my texts, I got this app.’ Vs. acknowledging that this is his own slightly-unusual preference.

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    A sudden need to hide his texts probably means he has a need to hide his texts. Most people do things as they need to do them but not before.

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    The Bells, the Bells are RINGING!

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    If you’re having conversations you don’t want your significant other to read then you’re doing something skeezy.

    He’s potentially hiding a flirting relationship, a surprise puppy party for you, or just is strange about his texts.

    Ask him about it. Verbalize how you do not understand that he shares everything else but this is a point of contention for him. Let him know you’re not checking up on him, but it makes you questions his intentions.

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