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Dear Wendy

“I Impregnated My Ex and It’s All My Girlfriend’s Fault”

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    Dear Wendy
    Dear Wendy

    From a LW:

    What do I do??? I impregnated my ex. Am in school wit my current who is giving me pressure that I’ve to stop communicating wit her (ex)… My current broke up wit me for no reason and I was forced to offload my frustration upon my ex and ended up impregnating her during the holiday. When we opened school, I received a message to say she was pregnant for me and a week later, my Current decided to come back begging that she was sorry and needed me back to her. Due to the fact that am more connected to my current, I couldn’t say no. Later after a week, I decided to man up and told my current I impregnated my ex when she broke up wit me. In the first place,she cries a bit and realised it was her fault so understood and asked for the way forward from me. I told her I chose to be with her(current) provided she understood me to give a bit of some attention to the one expecting to avoid birth complications in case she found out, bcoz im sure my ex needs attention from the unborn child’s father i.e me… my ex is home and again am scared to divert my attention from the one in school here for she might move on wit someone else tho she tells me she loves me and that she understands the situation for it was her fault. So it started happening just like we agreed that I was going to be talking to her just to make her happy and. I can’t resist talking to her because I know I’m the only key to a healthy baby through her. But later on, after a month, my current started feeling uncomfortable with me talking to her. She really came with full force to me showing it she really loves me… she told me to stop communicating wit her. WHY?? She told me I wasn’t supposed to be giving her hopes (ex)… she told me the more I talked to her, the more I gave her hopes that I would be with her… and its because of the same that we started having some misunderstandings wit. No matter what, I cant stop talking to the expecting one, ex…. now is the tym wen my current is proving it to me showing it she really loves me, in fact more than she did b4 all the scandal… wat exactly shud I do??

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    You should learn to fucking spell, start wearing condoms, take care of your child when he/she arrives, and stop dating drama-filled idiots like your ‘current’. Grow up, and start figuring out how you can be a role model. Because nothing about your letter indicates that you’re ready for the realities of parenthood.

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    It is in no way your current girlfriend’s fault that you got your ex pregnant. She didn’t “force” you to sleep with your ex, you chose to do that yourself. You need to grow up and stop blaming your decisions on someone else.

    That being said, I commend you on doing the right thing for your chld. You’re going to be a father. That baby will need you. Your ex will now be a part of your life for the next 20 years or so, through your child. You need to be with someone who understands that and isn’t always on your case about it. It sounds like your girlfriend is not that person. If she can’t handle it then it’s time to let her go.

    And she’s not proving that she loves you if she’s trying to keep you from a relationship with your kid. That’s the opposite of proving that she loves you. She might want you, but she doesn’t love you.

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    Sorry, I stopped reading when you said you were “forced” to sleep with your old girlfriend because your current girlfriend broke up with you, and your current girlfriend “realised it was her fault” that you impregnated the other girl.

    You’re going to be a father now, so it’s time to stop being a childish asshole and start acting like a man. A good first step would be to take responsibility for your choices and actions.

    Nobody forced you to sleep with the old girlfriend, and nobody forced you to do it without a condom. Those were your choices. You could have stayed home and drowned your sorrows in a beer, instead of going out and looking for someone to have sex with to make you feel better. And, if you were determined to sleep with her, you could have stopped at the drugstore and picked up some condoms.

    Because you made the choices you did, it’s on you and your old girlfriend that she got pregnant – she made her own bad choices by sleeping with you without protection. Your current girlfriend has nothing to do with it.

    A man would own up to what he did.

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    Ew. When you stick your dick in someone without taking any precautions, any human life that may result is YOUR fault. Grow up and take care of your baby. Use condoms.

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    If it helps, based on your age and lack of maturity, neither of these relationships will work out anyways so there’s no need to worry.

    Also, I pray this isn’t what the American education system is popping out. Unless English is not your first language I literally cannot comprehend how you were admitted to a college.

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    @Janelle, I spent a couple years in the UK and the verbiage and vernacular leads me to believe this letter may be coming from either the UK or Australia, or somewhere similar.

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    I recommend adoption or abortion.
    You are not ready for a child.

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    @theladye I am hoping. Sadly though I see a lot of younger people who speak English as their first language and this is how they write. I think the texting obsession has ruined much of the younger generation when it comes to writing. If I see the word “cuz” one more time instead of because…. lol

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    Is this for real? It’s not your girlfriend’s fault for you getting your ex pregnant. It’s your fault for not using protection. Plenty of people have breakups that don’t result in them getting someone else pregnant. The difference is they make good choices, and you do not.

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    What you don’t like this logic? It’s your fault I slept with someone else! DUH!

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    Don’t listen to the minsandric feminists in this forum trying to blame you for events caused by others. I have like eleven kids running around-they are inevitable consequences of breakups and major fights with romantic partners. The child support is destroying me.

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