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    Hahahaha agree with BGM. It’s a bit odd, but really just to the level of a raised eyebrow and a shrug. I’m not sure what advice you’re looking for. I wouldn’t bother bringing it up to your husband, what’s the point? To what end? It’s not enough of a problem to really merit a discussion, is it?

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    Agree with BGM and RRRR. You clearly don’t like your MIL and are spoiling for some kind of fight. This was not worth more than a passing shrug on your part.

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    Wow. Ouch. I def am not looking for a bone to pick regarding my MIL. If my mother had done this Id said the same thing. I was just curious as to how other ppl felt.its not a big deal but since it was on my mind from recently visiting I thought I would ask since I had never seen someone do that by welcoming guests in their home and that it took me back to our friends “raising an eyebrow”, which is prob why I have thought more into it. And was curious as to how others would have felt.if this is the worst of drama in my life then I’m doing good. Sorry lol I didn’t write anything worthy of advise haha

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    I agree that it’s odd, but it does seem like she was trying to go out of her way to make your friends feel welcome.

Viewing 4 posts - 13 through 16 (of 16 total)
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