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Memory foam mattress issues

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    I replaced my full mattress with a queen-sized Leesa bed (thanks in part to Wendy’s recommendation) over the weekend, and added a memory foam mattress topper because I like soft mattresses…and oh my gosh, it’s the most amazing thing. I never want to leave my bed. <3

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    7 years ago I got myself a full on Tempurpedic bed. I love it. I spent the money on it shortly after graduation after constant backpain. I LOVE it. It gets warm but I wouldn’t own anything else personally. My severly herniated L5-S1 loves it too. Anytime I sleep on an inner spring mattress (say hotel/friends house) I am in pain for a while. My spare bedroom has a Tufts and Needles and I’ve laid on it a couple times. I like it, but I love my Tempurpedic.

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    @moneypenny first night with my pillows. No neck or back pain and no numbness. Day 1 looking good. It was very comfortable and I found I could lie in the side sleeping position without my arm under the pillow which is a big thing because my arm hurts often the next day due to doing so. Thank you for the recommendation.

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    Janelle, that’s great! You’re very welcome. I hope the pillow continues to help! 🙂

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    My son had an Ikea mattress. I slept on it one night and I woke up with my eyes swelled shut!
    When I was visiting my friend I slept on their tempurpedic and the same thing happened. Later I was given a tempurpedic pillow (two one for me and one for my man)and the same thing happened. I gave them away. He was pissed.
    I am allergic to latex.(I used a latex condom once and thought my vagina was on fire) I can’t use most of the latex mattresses. We got our son a tuft & needle and I haven’t had a reaction to that one. My husband wants to try a helix because you can choose how they layer it…for now we are still using our old beautyrest which is past its prime.
    We used to have a sleep number bed which we loved…until the pump gave out more than once.

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    That’s interesting about the latex mattress allergy. I am not sure if I am allergic to latex or not. I do have a tempurpedic pillow and used it for years with no issues, I still have it but it’s not my main pillow. The mattress I got from Fleep isn’t latex, just memory foam but it’s still all man made and like everything, contains chemicals (off gassing). I will be starting the return process after 30 days, it is comfy but the rash and itchiness is driving me crazy. Goes away when I am gone for a few nights, but does come back eventually.

Viewing 6 posts - 13 through 18 (of 18 total)
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