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Dear Wendy

missing my brother who committed suicide

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    long story my older brother committed suicide december 9th 2009 in jail for bs charges… we dont know why he did it he didnt leave a note or anything he was only 20 …. he has three beautiful kids ages 8,9,7 they always ask why thier daddy is in heaven and they always ask how he died …. but were waiting untill their older and the mom of my neices and nephew will tell them cuz its her place to , my whole family did a lawsuit against the jail because he was on suicide watch and that day they didnt check on him for five hours when their supoosed to every 15 mins, and they never tried to revive him but after 3 long years we lost the law suit due to lack of evidence ,they always hated my brother for some reason the one gaurd mainly did , what gets me is he was in an isolation cell dont they have cameras???? also he hung him self with a bed sheet just so sad i miss him soo so much

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    i have no closure an it haunts me

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    Northern Star

    I’m so sorry for your loss. The mental illness that results in suicide can be every bit as deadly as cancer. I don’t think we can provide the kind of help you need here. Have you spoken to a therapist about your brother? If you don’t see results with one therapist, try another.

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    Marie, I just wanted to tell you how very sorry I am for your loss. I too have been touched by suicide in my family. My own son has harmed himself many times, almost being successful. He would have had I not been home at the time and the paramedics got to him.

    Suicide watch in jail is a joke at best. You are right to feel all that you do. The way mentally ill people are treated in there is inhumane and not conducive to someone intent on killing themselves.

    I can only imagine how haunted you are. My son was not successful the last time, but there may come a time he is. He was diagnosed bipolar at age 16.

    I also knew someone that was successful and while he wasn’t a family member, I cried over his death for many months. Every time we drove past the bridge he likely went off, I would start to cry.

    The one thing I did learn when I got therapy over my son is that regardless of what he chooses, it is his choice.

    I know that doesn’t bring much comfort over your brother, but he had a very serious illness that took his life. Suicidal depression is no joke and what the survivors are left with is tragic.

    If you haven’t done so already, consider talking to a grief counselor. There may be support groups in your area for suicide survivors as well.

    I wish you well.

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