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“My Boyfriend is Having a Baby with Someone Else”

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    Did anyone else notice she said the baby was born on a day that hasn’t even happened yet?

    It’s her tense. She’s using the wrong tense in the sentence, so it’s coming off as odd. I assume from reading it, she meant, when the baby is born on 09/14 there will be a hospital bill that needs to be paid (possibly at some later date).

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    A broken heart


    Two days more and she’s gonna deliver the baby. He’s a responsible man. He said to me if it’s comes out its his baby he’s gonna support the baby, I’m not against it. It’s his responsibility. But every time we discussed about it. He always thinks negative. What if the baby momma don’t want me be around. I told him I’ve accepted his situation but all I want is to consider me to his plans to be fair to me. He said he will do that but seems like he always think negative he didn’t even tell the baby momma he got a girlfriend now.

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    A broken heart

    The night he had sex with her he got an STD from the girl. He said he was so drunk and didn’t even remember that they had sex together. After a week he was feeling so weird to himself that he’s having an std and it was positive. I’ve accepted everything about it. I even gave up my job for him cause I have no time for him. I’m working as a call center agent working for American phone services. I’ve got no time for him he asked me to quit my job and he could work for us while I’m taking care of everything in the house. I’m just a woman in love. I did what he wants me to do I gave up my job. Now we’re having a big drama about this baby. And it’s just really depressing yet I feel like I can’t live him ????

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    Your boyfriend is a loser. It’s HIS FAULT he got so wasted that he had unprotected sex, got an STD, and potentially got someone pregnant. The fact that you have moved in and quit your job at his request suggests that he is very controlling. Are you allowed to have friends, or would that not give you enough time to spend with him either? He’s not worth it. Break up, get your job and life back.

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    Northern Star


    Get a new job as soon as humanly possible. Dump this man, move out, and don’t look back.

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    “I even gave up my job for him cause I have no time for him.”

    Oh FFS, get your job back. And work on your self-esteem, please.

    How dare he be so selfish as to ask you to QUIT YOUR JOB to spend time with him. What a needy loser. You need to take care of yourself. He seems like a trainwreck.

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    Getting so drunk he doesn’t remember having sex?? And that’s the GOOD part of this?! It’s either a) a complete load of bs or b) he has a serious drinking problem. And again, slut shaming her doesn’t make him any better – it takes 2 to pass along an STD.

    And why in the world would you quit your job to sit around his house all day?! That’s NOT what women in love do – well at least smart women in love. A guy not wanting you to have any life outside of him, especially so early on, is a HUGE sign of insecure and controlling behavior.

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    Sunshine Brite

    No real man wants a woman to give up financial security of a job just to spend more time with them. At most, suggesting to see if you could put in to work the same shift but something tells me he’s not one for hard work. RUN. That tactic is common amongst people who can further isolate you from other options. He knows he’s not a catch and is trapping you.

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    This can’t be real. I don’t want to believe this is real. How can anyone be this clueless?

    Girl, it’s time to smarten up, or you are going to have a really, really sucky life, and it’ll be your own fault. And for the love of god, use contraception. Every time. Don’t bring another child into this mess.

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    A dude who’s so drunk that he can’t remember sex is probably a dude who couldn’t keep it hard long enough to have sex. IJS. So I’m going to call BS on his story.

    What probably happened is that he was having unprotected sex with her, she got pregnant but he moved on to you (or he was cheating on you). Now he’s hoping that baby isn’t his, so he doesn’t have to take care of it.

    Girl, he is lying to you. Absolutely lying. And you’re willing to believe it because you are financially dependent on him. He has set it up that way, so you can’t leave him. He’s going to keep cheating, and there won’t be shit you can do about it.

    Go get your job back, and move out of his house. Then dump him!

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    Cleopatra Jones thanks for the clarification!

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    Please use birth control. Really, really reliable birth control.

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