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My husband "borrows" money from his employer

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    Leslie Joan

    And I’m sorry to say that I think that there’s slim to no likelihood that we’re going to come up with a happy solution to keep him from inappropriately tapping into his employer’s cash to fund his addiction. He’s already demonstrated that he lies and does what he damn well pleases. It seems safe to conclude that he’s going to keep doing it.

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    Ruby Thursday

    LW, your husband can be charged with embezzlement even if he returns the money. Embezzlement is different than theft or larceny. It occurs when someone misappropriates the money or property of an employer by a person given responsibility over those assets. The longer your husband misappropriates funds from his employer, the higher his charges will be. If you have benefitted from that money or concealed any of his behaviors in order to protect him, you could also be charged with a crime. Based on your description of his patterns, I imagine those charges would be felonies, which often result in a prison sentence.

    Please think very carefully about whether or not you are willing to risk a possible felony charge and prison sentence because you loeve your husband.

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    Depending on where you live waiting until you get a better paying job may be a bad option. You may actually have to pay him alimony for a period of time. Maybe not. Point is, go speak with an attorney now regarding an exit strategy. Have you thought about keeping the house and getting roommates?

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    You can’t change him. If he wants to change he will.

    I suggest Dave Ramsey, he has a radio show, books, and programs. He will open your eyes.

Viewing 4 posts - 25 through 28 (of 28 total)
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