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    My husband and I are planning a 3 or 4 day (is 3 days not enough?) trip to New Orleans in mid-November and would love to get some recommendations for must-see activities and restaurants! Neither of us has been before and we don’t know a huge amount about the city (besides the presumably super touristy places like the French Quarter). We’re really excited especially for the food though — and would love to see some live music.

    Also, what’s a good area to stay in? We’ll most likely use AirBnB.

    Thanks in advance!

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    My cousin got married in NOLA last June and we had a great time visiting! I think three days is plenty, but if you want to do tons of touristy things, you can take it easy with four instead of cramming everything in.

    Every morning, we’d walk to French Truck Coffee. We really liked their coffee.

    Eat dinner at Peche. SO GOOD!

    A great place to drink was Cane & Table. We actually went back to grab drinks and snacks there twice. It was that good/fun.

    A place I wanted to go and didn’t get a chance was Latitude 29.

    The Carousel Bar & Lounge in Hotel Monteleone is super fun. It’s pretty toursity but in a good way.

    Oh, listening to music in, oh crap, I can’t remember the name of the street that has lots of great jazz clubs, I’ll get back to you on that.

    Basin had lovely grilled oysters and fresh cocktails.

    We also did a swamp tour, which I was meh about, but the family wanted to. It was ok. Didn’t LOVE it. We did a haunted walking tour. I liked that a little better. Wish we would have done a cemetary tour.

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    My husband and I are big fans of NOLA, there is such a rich culture and a deep history.

    Every time we’ve been, we’ve stayed in the Bywater.
    Great restaurants include:
    The Joint (BBQ):
    Elizabeth’s (brunch, with praline bacon):

    If you like vinyl records, Euclid’s is great store
    Jazz on Frenchmen, basically anywhere

    Do you know about the Mardi Gras Indians? If not, you should do some quick googling to learn about them, then check out these places:
    Backstreet Cultural Museum:
    House of Dance and Feathers:

    Join a second line parade to dance, drink, eat and celebrate with a local S&P club. Listings are here:

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    Eat everywhere. Eat every time you can fit it, the food is freaking amazing. The carousel bar at hotel Monteleone is nice, the bar/restaurant right next door has really really amazing gumbo and a truly great beer selection, highly recommend sitting at the bar for a lunchtime beer and gumbo. Three/four days is plenty. Wear very comfy shoes because you walk a lot. Definitely do a cemetery tour. We got a day pass for the street car, it’s a neat way to see the city for like $4. At City Park there’s an enormous oak tree with an art installation that is basically enormous wind chimes hanging in the tree. Pack a little picnic and hang there for awhile. It’s incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Brace yourself for the panhandlers in the French quarter; they are everywhere and pretty aggressive. Have a great time! New Orleans is a fantastic city.

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    Thank you so much for the recommendations, you’ve got me very excited (and hungry!) I’m on a strict diet at the moment for a wedding that’s a week before our trip — I think in 3-4 days in New Orelans I’ll likely gain back any weight I manage to lose haha. But it sounds worth it!

    Any thoughts on a good neighborhood to stay in? I’m hoping to find a not too expensive AirBnB so we can spend more on food and alcohol. #priorities

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    I third the Hotel Monteleone bar (carousal bar) and second Elizabeth.

    I stayed in the same neighborhood as Elizabeth which was much cheaper but you have to uber to most places.

    i’ve been there like 5 or 6 times now, so it’s all basically awesome and you should eat a whole heck of a lot

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    Miss MJ

    Yes to the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone. Also the Sazerac bar in The Roosevelt Hotel. Depending on when in November you’re going to be in NOLA, it may be decorated for Christmas and the sight is spectacular.

    Other to dos:

    Ride the St. Charles Street Car line. Get off and have a drink at the Columns Hotel.

    If the weather permits, go on a swamp tour.

    If the weather’s bad, then do the aquarium and insectarium. Also, the D-Day museum.

    Commanders’ Palace (Uptown) has an amazing brunch, as does The Court of Two Sisters (Quarter).

    Frenchman Street in the Marigny for live music.

    If you’re looking for a local “New Orleans” seafoody kind of place: Franky and Johnny’s uptown is the best. Get the shrimp po-boy with roast beef debris.

    Other Recommended CBD/French Quarter Restaurants:

    Louisiana Bistro (Dauphine Street – French Quarter – very cozy)
    Domenica (The Roosevelt Hotel – CBD one block from French Quarter)
    Galatoire’s (Bourbon Street – no shorts; requires a jacket)
    Tableau (Chartres Street – French Quarter – great place to sit out on a balcony with a drink and watch Jackson Square)
    Hermes Bar (French Quarter – great happy hour – get an order of puffed potatoes with your drinks – they’re amazing! It’s connected to Antoine’s, which is also really good, but again – fancy)
    Muriels (French Quarter)
    Lillette (Uptown on Magazine Street)
    La Petit Grocery (Uptown on Magazine Street)
    Dick and Jenny’s (Uptown on Tchoupitoulas – locals favorite)
    The Swizzle Stick Bar in the Lowe’s Hotel is great
    Finally – Port of Call (Dauphine Street – French Quarter) has the best burger around. At least stop by and get a Monsoon to go when you’re walking in the Quarter! Much better than Hand Grenades or Hurricanes. Those things are garbage.

    Avoid restaurants with people out front holding menus or trying to get you to come inside. They’re overpriced tourist traps. Better food is elsewhere!

    If you want a spa day – The Windsor Court spa is the best.

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    Miss MJ

    As for neighborhoods to stay in, if I were a tourist coming to NOLA to do tourist things, I’d probably stay in the warehouse district, the CBD (Central Business District) or the French Quarter or maybe the Marigny, as long as it isn’t too far from Esplanade/Frenchman. You’re going to want to take a cab or an Uber late at night for any of them, though. Uptown’s nice and better for Mardi Gras time because that’s where the parades are, but it’s kind of far away from most other things you’d want to be doing.

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    I stayed The Roosevelt Hotel for a conference and it was wonderful. Unfortunately somehow I missed the Sazerac bar there! Mr. B’s Bistro was wonderful for dinner.

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    Miss MJ

    Also, it’s touristy as hell, but the Piano Bar in Pat O’Brian’s is a lot of fun. (But I’d still avoid the hurricanes.)

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    Muriel’s was really good for dinner. Shrimp and grits all the way mmmmm.

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    I was supposed to go to Nola this weekend with some girlfriends (one of them will be leaving the country for 2-3 years, so it was our last hurrah to get together for awhile!) I’d never been before, have always wanted to go, and was SO looking forward to it. We had to cancel yesterday due to Hurricane Nate, which will make landfall on what was going to be our one full day in the city. I’m totally bummed; not sure when I will make it there at this point. We might have to wait until my friend gets back in a few years! But I’ll keep this list bookmarked in the meantime. DW’ers always have the best recommendations!

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