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    If I found out my 3 year old had already been sleeping in a bed with this woman I would be losing my shit!

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    He did the sleeping thing the first night, my daughter told me. I didn’t mention it to him. Then before the next sleep over I mentioned that I knew what he did and I thought it was insensitive. So that night he asked my daughter if it was ok to sleep together and she said yes. I’m sure he’s going to keep doing it. They have been dating for only 6 weeks BUT my daughter knows her as aunty for about 6 months! She loves her so of course she’s going to say it’s ok. But is it? Really hard to accept all these new behaviors being pushed on my daughter. Like they are already playing family with her.

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    the cosleeping is kinda weird, but mostly I’d just keep communication with your daughter open. they’re going to regret that themselves soon enough when she won’t sleep by herself at their house.

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    The cosleeeping is more than kind of weird to me. I’m trying to put myself in your shoes here…I’d be calling my lawyer. You need to tell him that he does not get to make decisions like who sleeps in bed with your daughter, on his own. I’d honestly be freaked out that she is or he is, or they both are grooming her. It’s freaking weird.

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    Northern Star

    annoyed, you are not getting it.

    “Insensitive?” How about, “bad for my daughter.” You do not have a strong enough grasp of appropriate behavior, and I’m worried for your kid when you start dating again.

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    I don’t know if the response about the girlfriend knowing the daughter before were related to my comment, but to clarify — there’s a difference between a kid being introduced to a friend and a kid being introduced to and spending time with a parent’s SO. Specifically, in this case, where it apparently means sharing a bed. I also find the co-sleeping weird. It would be one thing if she was scared to sleep alone and climbed in, but it sounds like it was his idea. Most people like their kid to sleep in their own bed.

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    It’s not insensitive. It’s inappropriate. You need a lawyer.

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    Go see a family lawyer and get a custody agreement. With what you have described, that’s probably child endangerment.

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