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    I met this guy online and things were going really well, first time I’ve been excited in awhile. He messaged me last week that he was moving to SA for a new job offer. I was crushed, as he said he didn’t want to do long distance. I admit I held out hope, and he said he’d keep in touch and we’d talk about it. I have not heard from him since, and have accepted he said that just to get me off the phone. I am angry at myself for getting my hopes up, in thinking that finally I had found someone.

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    That really sucks when timing doesn’t work out, but be happy you weren’t further into a relationship with him when he decided to move. Spend some time moping and then get back into the dating scene.

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    Is this someone you met online and dated in real life or just someone you’ve communicated with online?

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    Leslie Joan

    Did you ever meet him in person? If not, you have no idea if he was anything you thought he was. He could be a 14 year old in his mother’s basement, or a 55 year old guy in Peoria.

    I am sure it hurts to feel that you were just taken for a ride, but you can try to use this as a learning experience to avoid having this happen again. People who don’t actually want to meet, and soon, are sketchy. And people who say they’re moving to SA or Timbuktu are probably just spinning tales to avoid being found out. I’m sorry. At least you didnt send money or nude pics, right?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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