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    I find it really humorous that you’re throwing a party to celebrate coupledom but were initially refusing to let people bring their counterparts. Like hosting a crafting party but making your guests sit and watch you do all the crafting. WTF? If being with your husband is a big deal, big enough to throw a party commemorating it, then isn’t it fair to assume that other people feel the same way about their partners, dates, etc? Now hardly seems the time to name yourself arbiter of what is and is not a worthwhile relationship.

    tl;dr If you want people to have fun at a wedding-esque event, good lord don’t make them come alone. I’m glad that’s the side you’ve come down on. Have a great time!

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    Sorry, disagreeing with every comment I see and siding with Miss Manners (as this seems to be treated as a wedding). Pare down your list so that everyone can bring a date. On the other side, don’t scrounge around for a rando to take to your friend’s wedding.

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    Yeah, the thing about leaning on the traditional etiquette of it all is that it cuts two ways: on the one hand, it might be rude by some standards to try and bring an uninvited extra guest, but by those same standards it’s rude not to offer +1s to everyone in the first place.

Viewing 3 posts - 25 through 27 (of 27 total)
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