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    Daniel Garcia

    Hello to whom it may concern,

    I need advice with a relationship I have with a girl. So we been going out for like 3 months. I asked her 2 times but she hasn’t give me a clear answer, even when I told her to give me a clear answer. I told her I like her and I want to more than just being just friends. Her response was that she needs more time to get over her ex boyfriend (they were together for one year and apart for one year) because she still has feelings for him.
    I don’t think it fair that am giving her 100% her love and she is not even on board. What should I do? Should I continue or end it?

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    End what? She’s told you clearly she isn’t over her ex and doesn’t want to date you.

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    You want more than she does. If you aren’t happy continuing as you are then move on and find someone who wants a fully committed relationship.

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    Sounds like she’s given you a very clear answer. It just isn’t the answer you want to hear.

    She’s still in love with her ex. You’re not going to be more than a friend she hangs out with to distract her from missing her ex. That doesn’t sound like what you want. So….stop hanging out with her and find a girl who’s not hung up on another guy.

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    She gave you her answer. She’s not interested. MOA

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    Another guy not taking no for no. She doesn’t want to be with you.

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    Even if she isn’t interested in her ex, she said no. She doesn’t want any kind of relationship with you except friendship. Move on!

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