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    Eh, I think it’s kind of rude. I wouldn’t have sex in my niece’s bed if I were staying at my brother’s.

    It’s one thing to have sex in the bed (spare or actual) of an adult host who invited you to be there. If you invite a couple to stay in your home, yeah sure, you should understand they are adults who do what adults do, and you asked them to stay with you.

    But, a child doesn’t really have a choice. You’re already putting a kid out of their bed and it wasn’t their choice (which I mean yes, its right that adult visitors be given a nice place to stay but it does kinda suck, particularly if its for weeks and you had no say).

    And yes, its normal for adults to have sexual relationships, but kids/teens are sensitive to it, and if I knew I was putting a poor kid out of their own bed, I’d indulge their sensitives.

    ‘Cause they’re already forcefully being put out on my behalf, it’s the least I could do.

    That said, OP has no grounds to complain really. What’s done is done.

    And really, you should always knock. Even if you were just sleeping, they could’ve been startled awake. Best just to knock lightly, then go in.

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    I’ve had sex on pretty much every square inch of my apartment. Who’s coming over for a dinner party? 😉

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    Bet you won’t forget your backpack again, huh?

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    No, I wouldn’t want anyone having sex on my bed, and yes, it’s fine to feel that way. No, they weren’t being disrespectful. Things you don’t like and things that are disrespectful are not concentric circles. Part of growing up is figuring out which is which. Yes, you should knock.

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    Well said, Phoenix! Perfect response.

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    I have lived on both the East and West coasts. Half of my family is from LA and Orange County. The heat is much worse here in the South East…so damp. I get into my car and my sunglasses fog up it’s so damp.
    I can remember living in Southern California as a teen. (Late 1980s)I wore polyester 1960s shift dresses or sleeveless mock turtlenecks with mini skirts and knee length patent leather boots. Wigs, eyelashes the whole bit. (I still collect those, but it isn’t practical to try to wear anymore) It was 100 degrees, but it was so dry it didn’t really feel like it. If I dressed that way here I would die from the humid heat.
    If it bothers her so much throw out the sheets or put them away for next time they come.(no pun intended) I can understand her discomfort, but for her to think they are disrespecting her is a bit much. I guess you just see thing different when you are young. Everything is a much bigger deal.

Viewing 6 posts - 61 through 66 (of 66 total)
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