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Toxic job advice.

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    Maybe I just need to vent a little but also looking for some outside advice.

    I have been at my current job for the past 6 years it is a small family run business (not my family, just to be clear =D) and I am an “independent Contractor”

    Generally I work in a public service area and get a lot of good and bad customers on a daily basis- the good ones are great and fun to be around the bad ones call me names and sometimes I have to call the cops on them. lol.

    My salary is based on commission and I make under 20k a year. I have to work outside, sometimes in the rain and if I don’t get any customers I don’t get paid (even though I may have worked for 6 hours that day) This happens a lot.

    My bosses constantly complain when anyone takes a vacation or adjusts there schedule (even though they take European vacation every couple of years)

    They give guilt trips all of the time and compare you to a competitor company who’s employees are better earners.

    Am I crazy in thinking I should leave asap? It’s scary to leave and scary to stay. I feel like I’m stuck in a terrible loop.

    My husband works with me and he just gave them his notice, now they treat him like crap. Yet at the same time are trying to get him to stay longer.

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    No, you’re not crazy. Look for a job while you still have one. Keep your head down, do good work, and find something better. I’ve been there, and it’s not worth it.

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    Northern Star

    Why would you be crazy to leave? You could make better money elsewhere, with better bosses and more reliable benefits/vacation schedules. You’d be crazy to stay, if you could find something else. Start looking and line up a new job before quitting your old one. Good luck!

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    Leave the job – if you can find a job that pays better, has benefits, and is not toxic…GO. But line something else up first. Fear of change is a silly reason to hold yourself back. You are stronger than that. GO.

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    I agree, you’d be crazy not to look for something better! Sounds like they have brainwashed you.

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    Six years and under 20k is more than enough reason to leave–throw in a shitty environment and you would be crazy to stay.

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    Oh my gosh, thank you all for the amazing support. I’m getting all misty eyed. It really helps to get outside opinions, and I do have something else lined up where I can be my own boss for once, and I’ve already been earning the same if not more. Just doing your own thing is scary, lol.

    I guess, it’s really time to make the leap.

    Oh and an update, they told my husband he couldn’t work today.XD

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    Am I crazy in thinking I should leave asap?

    Actually, you’d be crazy to stay 1 minute longer than you had too. I’d get that resume out NOW and start looking for another job. Also, that whole independent contractor thing sounds way sketchy (cause of the low salary & them griping about vacation). Why don’t you bounce your question over to Askamanager to get some feedback on that part. And it’s a great resource for writing a better resume & cover letter.

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    Can your husband start earlier with his new job? If so, or unless your husband is counting on any possible money from his notice period, at this point he can say “Given the fact that Company doesn’t need me to work, and because it isnt financially feasible for me to wait until they might, it makes sense for today to be my last day”. He doesn’t owe notice to a company that is punishing him for leaving by taking him off the schedule. I would say maybe stick it out for the reference, but it sure doesn’t sound like they’re the kind of company who would give a good reference even if he was the perfect employee and gave 3 months notice. Good lord, move on from this job ASAP. Good luck!

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    I’m surprised that you feel like it might be remotely crazy to leave after this time. Plenty of people leave jobs that are better than this after fewer years, simply because it’s time to move on to new/different responsibilities, for a slight pay increase, or whatever. Nothing wrong with finding a better job.

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    He actually did give 3 months notice, he was going to work for uber instead plus another gig. When I came to work today they (husband and wife owners) both ganged up, almost bullied me and ridiculed me about my hubby – because I had the car. Saying ” I thought he could just work for uber, he said he could make more money as t his other job.”

    This was an hour ago…I wanted to run away.

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    Wow. Your bosses suck.

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