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What So Many People Don't Get About The Working Class

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    I’m a bit ashamed I took the bait.

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    Please tell me what makes ANY of you superior to anybody? I’ll wait. Because all I see are a bunch of loudmouth frauds throwing insults COMPLETELY UNPROVOKED like fucking children.

    I don’t have a job? I probably make more money than you. ENTIRELY because of my own hard work. Nobody paid for my schooling but me, and I’ve paid for everything by using my physical gifts in a way NONE of you will ever be able to comprehend.

    You’re unbelievably deluded, and it’s people like you who think your shit don’t stink based on literally nothing who are ruining this country and trying to blame everybody else for it.

    I “know nothing about it” because your deluded ass decided I did because you didn’t like what I had to say and wha wha wha. Cry me a fucking river. You’re the type of people who talk so big until you’re on the other end of it. Then you want understanding and pity.

    You don’t get to decide what reality is, and the fact that you think you do shows just how delusional and not even remotely grown you are. But feel free to keep projecting onto me while I laugh my ass off at you because nobody who acts like that unprovoked towards another human being could EVER measure up to me. Unlike you I’m not full of my fucking self though so I didn’t disrespect you the way you deserved but I’ve really had more than enough of all of the bullshit out there by people who refuse to grow the hell up and become real adults.

    And don’t you EVER disrespect those who risked their lives fighting for the cushy working conditions you take for granted. How dare you. I genuinely hope you experience the violence directed at you someday from some authority figure that they did just to fight for something they believed in. REAL brutality, like what was experienced by every real movement into probably the eighties.

    And shut your fake fucking ass up about my relationship with my parents. They both belong in jail, and I suffered years of abuse I didn’t have to entirely to protect my autistic younger brother. Compared to you I’m a motherfucking saint.

    Get over yourselves.

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    Oh please.

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    To hell with it. Anonymous Working Class wins. I will enjoy my privilege and stop speculating and thinking about the “ghetto” people of cities I truly know nothing about.

    It’s weird at 28, AnonymousWorkingClass talks about a crap ton of movements that were well before his own time. But if you (AWC) didn’t vote for Trump, I’m not especially concerned right now.

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    “I’ve paid for everything by using my physical gifts in a way NONE of you will ever be able to comprehend”

    Are you Magic Mike? Cos I could be into that.

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    @keyblade I’m not convinced he didn’t vote for Trump. And his state was one that went red by a handful of votes, so if he didn’t vote HRC, he voted for Trump as far as I’m concerned.

    And yeah, AWK, no woman would have ANY idea what it’s like to have to use her physical gifts to get by. Give me a break.

    Nothing like trying to win an online argument with “I make more money than all of you.”

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    LOL. This made me smile. What happens, AWCK? Were you in jail for a few weeks or something? Did the internet police arrest you for fraud? Anything can happen. ##%%

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    All bow down to AWC’s awesome talents, income, and knowledge of reality. It would seem that with the defeat of Trumpcare that Trump/Bannon are paying their internet trolls again. Hey, you are one bitter, nasty man. You came on here spouting hate and then your feelings were hurt when nobody accepted your illogical b.s.

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