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When friends ditch you and you have no one else. PLease someone help

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    Sarah Mcg

    so I have had a really shitty year especially with friendships. But i finally felt like i was happy when me and three other girls were friends. We were really good and happy. I always helped everyone with their problems and one of the girls helped me with mine most of the time. I have always been a really awkward person and i am always on the outside, so i don’t make friends as easy as they do. I was always left out with things and i felt like crap most of the time when it wasn’t just us. So anyway this girl in the year below us became friends with my friends, everyone but me she didn’t really talk to me. Sure I am an awkward person so i was a little shy but I definitely did talk to her and i was really nice. She started to hang out with our group but she took all of the attention away from my friends, I also found it harder to talk because im shy. But I tried anyway, on the school holidays she hung out with two of my friends while me and the other girl,Kyla, were left out. So kyla got mad and she sent her a snapchat asking why they left us out. So that started a little problem. The first day of school after the holidays we were sitting with the group and it was really awkward, kyla and i were trying but in the end it didn’t work.

    Now i would just like to say that all through the holidays I hung out with kyla cause she felt left out, and i helped her with all of her problems.

    Anyway she decided that she was going to talk to one of the girls about it and they sorted it out, i was really upset and awkward cause i haven’t had a good year, and i just broke down crying. on girl, ceili, who was in my original group sat there with the girl, victoria, who was the one who joined our group. The sat there and didnt even care about me. So I was really upset. Anyway Kyla who i had helped with everything and who i still help even tho she ditched me, was all ok with them now and just forgot about me. At lunch I went and sat with them and they all just ignored me and left me out, so me who has had the shittiest day since i was also stressed cause my mum’s car wouldn’t start in the morning, got upset again. I sat there crying again and the whole group just ignored and started laughing about something else. If it wasn’t fpr two other girls, who i had actually had the same sort of problems with earlier in the year, were the only ones there for me. So I talked to the girl, lily, who was the one who i always helped and sometimes helped me, i thought everything was ok. But of course I was left out again. I put up with that but I noticed that Victoria would kinda ignore me, I didn’t know if she did it on purpose or not. So i sent this really nice message to her just asking if i had done something to upset hert or anything like that. I also said that if there wasn’t anything that im sorry for asking. She left me on read which just made it even weirder for me. I just left it, but she acted really weird again so i decided to send her another one and i said the same thing. She then got really mad at me saying that I’m accusing her of trying to steal my friends. I tried to stay calm and nice the whole convo and yeah I’ll admit i might have said a few words rong, for example i accidentally made it seem like i was saying that they weren’t her friends. She then took screenshots of the convo and sent them to ceili. Ceili then got mad at me saying that I shouldn’t get mad at her since I never talk to her. Which isn’t true i have talked to her on numerous occasions, so i was really upset.

    The thing is, i have never had someone stand up for me, they always have people to stick behind them and help them yet when I have a problem I dont have anyone.

    So she had pretty much all of my friends, who i have known for years and she has only known them for a tiny bit, she’s also in the year below. So i had apologized to them and they didn’t give a shit. So basically im pretty much alone right now, every time im by myself i just feel like crying cause honestly i have had a really shit year and it sucks cause im always there for my friends, whether they are for me or not. I just need advice on what I should do, this is my last resort cause i dont have anyone at all.

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    Please go talk to your school counselor. I don’t know what grade you are in, but maybe look into joining some school clubs. Find others who you share an interest with. Listen more than talking. Ask people open ended questions. Do not overshare. And talk to your Mom about how you feel. It does get better the older you get.

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