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Why can't he see what I do?

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    This sounds like this started online – you didn’t live where he lived and you have no resources nearby. I don’t think you can do or say anything that is going to change your husband. It seems you made a lot of concessions/changes in your life based on false assumptions and without a realistic perspective.

    I think you have three choices, therapy alone, couples therapy or just leave. Couples therapy may help but it seems like you two are miles away from a shared view. You feel he should be able to stand up to what sounds like a really vindictive, irresponsible and ghastly family and he thinks you should accommodate all of his needs without questioning why.

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    my god just RUN LIKE THE WIND!
    Rent a uhaul, load up your stuff and get out! Like RIGHT NOW!
    This situation is not going to get any better. Trust all of us on this. He is not marriage material. Doesn’t sound like you knew him for long before you moved and gave up your life for him. Before you know it you will end up with a kid and be tied to all these sorry f**kers for life. GET OUT! (yes I am yelling) He isn’t worth it. Nobody is. Leave him in the pile of s**t he calls a life.

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    I second carolann. You’re miserable, apparently unwanted, paying all the bills and getting no understanding from your husband? That’s not right. It’s true that you should have discussed everything before moving there – but that’s no longer advice. It’s a hard lesson.
    So get out NOW, go back to your friends and family who love you.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)
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