Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Flying Solo

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Joanie May turned two weeks old yesterday and Drew headed back to work this morning, which means I’m flying solo with both kids for the first time (since bringing the baby home, I’ve had the help of both Drew and our part-time sitter, Mavis, who is off today). It’s 8:45 AM as I write this and Joanie is currently sleeping, which is what she does about 20 hours a day, and Jackson is simultaneously painting with his water colors, playing doctor, and spelling out words with our Scrabble set, so I’ve got a few minutes to work on DW before we head outside for some fresh air and exercise. Jackson starts camp next week for three weeks and then he starts all-day pre-k in early September, so these days with just the three of us are pretty limited. I think I can handle it.

Thanks again for being patient as I continue finding balance in this new chapter. In the coming weeks, there may be days I don’t post ’til late morning/early afternoon (or, hell, maybe not at all, with sleep deprivation sometimes making the call for naps louder than anything else), but, by the time Jackson starts school, things should be back to (a new) normal. In the meantime, please do send me your letters for advice. I’ve had a little lull in submissions, which only makes the job harder. Make my job easier and send me some juicy letters I can answer!

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