Hi, I’m Wendy and I launched this site in January 2011 as a place for people to pose questions about their relationship issues and get the kind of advice and feedback their best friend is probably too skeerd to give them. (You can read the site’s archives here, and some of the most popular posts here). DearWendy.com is inspired by the column of the same name, which gained popularity when it was featured regularly on CNN.com, starting in 2008.

I was born on Okinawa, Japan in 1976 and spent my childhood in Korea, Japan, and Germany. My roots are in the Midwest where my family spent every summer shuttling between St. Louis, Missouri and Springfield, Illinois. I attended college in Springfield, Missouri (where my parents retired to in 2013) and lived in Chicago for most of my 20s.

A few months before I turned 30, I met my now-husband Drew on a blind date during a weekend trip to New York. After a year and a half of long distance dating, I moved from Chicago into Drew’s bachelor pad in Manhattan. We got engaged in Central Park a year and a half later, and were married in Central Park that July. Our son, Jackson, was born in October, 2011, and our daughter, Joanie May, was born in July, 2015 (you can read some of my parenting posts here). The four of us live in Brooklyn.

Somewhere along the way from Okinawa to Brooklyn, I picked up a lot about the way people relate to each other and how universal the “human condition” really is. The things we want — love, understanding, acceptance and companionship — and the way we’d like to achieve them — the path of least resistance — are pretty universal. But sometimes we need help figuring out what is what. And that’s where this site comes in. This is very much a community effort and I welcome your comments and emails. Pour yourself a drink, pull up a seat, and jump right in.

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