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Dear Wendy

All the Top Pot Posts, Rounded-Up

In honor of 4/20 today, the official holiday of stoners everywhere, I’ve rounded up the top pot-themed posts over the first 6+ years of DW. Basically, a lot of people have a lot of issues with their partners smoking the wacky weed. Reading all of these is like watching “Groundhog Day” over and over. I’d love to get some pot-themed letters that mix things up a little, like: “My Fiancée Wants to Carry a Marijuana Bouquet at Our Wedding But I’m Allergic,” or “My Boyfriend Ate All My Brownies And Didn’t Replace Them!” or “My Wife Was the One Who Wanted a Pot Plant, But She Doesn’t Take Care of It!”

In absence of those fun topics, here are the ones that have made an appearance (over and over) on DW the past few years:

“My Husband Smokes Weed Every Day for His IBS”

“My Wife Hates My Marijuana-Smoking”

“My Husband Says I’m Annoying When I Take My Medical Marijuana”

“My Baby Daddy Won’t Quit the Pot”

Shortcuts: “My Husband Won’t Stop Smoking Weed in Our Apartment”

“My Husband Smokes Too Much Weed”

“He Told Me to Quit Smoking Pot”

“My Boyfriend Lied to Me About His Drug Use”

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  • Lianne April 20, 2017, 10:14 am

    These are hilarious, especially since recreational marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states. You don’t see as many “my wife is annoying when she kills a bottle of wine” or “I wish my baby daddy wouldn’t do keg stands” letters, even though those situations are probably more prevalent.

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  • Bittergaymark April 20, 2017, 10:30 am

    Yeah, the comments are even pretty hilarious…

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  • Skyblossom April 20, 2017, 10:40 am

    I think this is like anything else. Know yourself and your partner before marriage. Know what your dealbreakers are and walk away if the partner has one of them. You can’t change them. You take them or leave them as they are. Love never overcomes dealbreakers.

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  • Diablo April 20, 2017, 11:40 am

    As a patriotic Canadian, I feel honour bound to comment that not only is our Prime Minister eminently more bangable than your President, but he is going to legalize it by Canada Day (July 1) of next year! Go Justin!

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  • Janelle April 20, 2017, 12:14 pm

    All of these reek of one thing. “He wasn’t honest with me”. No one is obligated to tell you every thing they do. This resonates with the drugs and porn postings we see here. Not telling you something that has zero impact on you is not a betrayal. I touched up my roots today. I didn’t tell my boyfriend (ok so we all know I no longer have one), OMG what a betrayal. It always makes me feel like the people who speak of this massive betrayal are so over bearing. If someone said to me “I heard one time you smoked some pot, how could you betray me?!” i would laugh in their face. “But you know I don’t like that!” Ok good, so you don’t do that.

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  • Ange April 20, 2017, 8:35 pm

    And here we are in Australia no closer to legalising it. I think some medical trials are happening and oil may be legalised sometime soon but nothing for my poor, rheumatoid arthritis suffering self any time soon.

    Plus our PM is hardly bangable.

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  • carolann April 20, 2017, 8:40 pm

    I wish I had a giant pan of hash brownies to celebrate SIGH!
    We had to quit. My husband’s job does hair follicle testing. Not regularly, but they reserve the right to. If he can’t I won’t either, but some days I would really love to. I helps stress and makes me sleep like nothing else.

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