Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


One last one from Intern Claire before she heads back to school for her fall semester: Earlier this year, the Susan G. Komen Charity, one of Planned Parenthood’s largest financial supporters, decided to cut off nearly all of its $700,000 annual grant money to the women’s health network used to fund breast cancer screenings. In… Read more

From Intern Claire: Fear no more about that promiscuous sext you sent to your boyfriend or friend with benefits; it turns out, you aren’t a pervert after all. Researchers at the University of Michigan conducted a study on 3400 men and women between the ages of 18-24 and studied their sexting behaviors. The results were… Read more

The following is a debate between Intern Claire and me. When she wrote her post, Claire didn’t realize it was going to be a debate, but the topic, and the language Claire used, prompted me to share my views, which are, obviously, different than hers. Claire writes: A shocking study done by the CDC and… Read more

From Intern Claire: New research has given everyone a reason to be more social with friends. It’s been discovered that good friendships not only keep us mentally well and stable, but they also bring tons of positive benefits on our physical well being too. A Huffington post article gives five insightful ways this has been… Read more

Another from Claire, the intern: Recent research indicates that girls are better AND smarter than boys since, for the first time in over a century, women have scored higher than men on IQ testing. In the past, women scored significantly lower than men (as much as 5% less!); however, the tables have turned and world-renowned… Read more