Book Club Pick: The Fault in Our Stars

the-fault-in-our-starsThe votes have been tallied and it was so close until the very end, but with just over 33% of the votes, our first book club selection of the year is: The Fault in Our Stars!

Where’d You Go Bernadette and The Husband’s Secret each got 27% of the votes, so for people who are fast readers or already have read FIOS, I suggest reading one (or both) of these other selections and we can have an informal book club discussion in the forums at the beginning of March. Since FIOS is a short one, I’m hoping I can knock it out quickly and read Bernadette next. (I also borrowed The Wonder Boys from a friend recently and want to finish it some time this winter…).

You can purchase all of these books on Amazon (and if you make your purchase through any link on this site, I’ll get a small commission, holla), or you can try your public library or hit up a friend or co-worker or what have you. We’ll spend January and February reading and will re-convene the first week of March to discuss. Next time, we’ll read a nonfiction book (my fave genre), so if you have suggestions, send them my way! Happy reading, everyone.


  1. Avatar photo shanshantastic says:

    For the nonfiction picks, I’m reading David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell now and it’s not bad. Or there’s Orange is the New Black (especially for those of us who watched the series on Netflix). Looks like my wish list is 99% fiction for the first time in forever, so that’s all I have for now. 🙂 Just bought FIOS on my Kindle, it’ll be next on my list!

    1. lindsaybob says:

      I’ve just read Orange is the New Black and it’s excellent. Quite different to the series, though you can see bits of the inspiration for it, but really interesting.

      1. Avatar photo shanshantastic says:

        I think I’m going to add it to my list no matter what.

        Related, I read The Fault In Our Stars completely yesterday. Definitely ugly cried.

  2. Just purchased. FYI. the link went to “The Power of Habit” for me rather than TFIOS.

  3. 2 memoirs that I loved (those count as non-fiction, right? were Wild by Cheryl Strayed and Bloom by Kelle Hampton.

    1. Avatar photo LadyinPurpleNotRed says:

      Memoirs generally fall under creative nonfiction, which is under the parameters of nonfiction! I haven’t read Bloom, but Wild definitely is creative nonfiction

    2. Avatar photo theattack says:

      I think Wendy might have either recommended Wild or put it in the book club before, didn’t she? Call-me-hobo posted something on facebook earlier that made me want to read it, so I’m glad to hear another recommendation for it.

      1. I thought Wild was actually a dw book club book once. It IS really good though.

      2. Highly recommend Wild! It was great!

      3. Avatar photo call-me-hobo says:

        It’s a list of books that are coming to the big screen. Wild AND The Fault in Our Stars are both coming to theaters this year. Also- kind of touched that you noticed! Lol

    3. lets_be_honest says:

      What’s Bloom about?

      1. Bloom was written by the mother of a child born with Down Syndrome. It’s basically about her (the mom’s) journey through the first year of her daughter’s life, coming to terms with the diagnosis and whatnot. It was really good- brutally honest, but really good.

  4. GertietheDino says:

    I read “The Fault in our Stars” last week and finished “Looking for Alaska” (both by John Green)this weekend. Good reads, you will cry. Thank you Kindle for making me read even more!

  5. Sobriquet says:

    I started the book tonight and I’m already half way through. Literally 50% according to Kindle. Literally in the heart of Jesus. I’ve already cried. I love it so far!

  6. I might cave and just buy this one… Every copy at the library is checked out, and so is the “digital copy”, not that I even know how that works….

    1. Avatar photo Pamplemousse Rose says:

      The publishers only allow one person at a time to access the digital file (checkout) an ebook. If libraries want to make more files (copies) available, they have to pay for each one. Many publishers also only allow a certain number of “checkouts” of an ebook before the library has to buy a new copy of the ebook.

  7. I’ll have to check this out once I finish my library books. My goal for this year is to read 25 books. I’ll probably go through the book club picks from last year too.

    Right now I’m reading In the Garden of Beasts by Erik Larson. It’s nonfiction about the American ambassador to Berlin during Hitler’s rise to power. I am really enjoying it so far, but it is an emotional read.

    1. Avatar photo LadyinPurpleNotRed says:

      I loved that book! Good choice. (It definitely is an emotional read)

    2. Avatar photo Pamplemousse Rose says:

      Great book! His Devil in the White City is also a great book – one of my favourites

      1. Avatar photo LadyinPurpleNotRed says:

        I love that one too! I just finished it and added it to my comps list. Such a great read.

  8. I also loved Devil in the White City! We had to read it for my US History AP class.

  9. lets_be_honest says:

    I got the book last night!

  10. Phew… I’d requested it from the library in mid-January, and it just came in. Super excited I’ll get to participate in the book club!

  11. I just finished and this is my immediate thought:

    “So I stayed up all night reading, and now I’m crying and my heart hurts and this stupid fucking book is easily in my top 5 ever.”

    I will do a full review after a good cry and some sleep.

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