Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Call for Letters

Hey, I need your help! Last month, Google did what’s called a “core algorithm update” which affects how websites rank in search results. Google does these updates a few times a year, but this was a really big one that negatively affected websites in a few key industries including relationship advice. What this means, essentially, is that my google traffic, which accounts for about 80% of my traffic, was abruptly cut in half during a global pandemic when my ad income had already plummeted about 75% and readership had dropped due to a change in peoples’ daily lifestyles. What’s worse than the missed income (from lost pageviews) though — at least there is temporary assistance for that — is the lost engagement, the missed growth, and worst of all for a website that depends on letters from new readers (who most often find the site by googling for relationship advice), I’m not getting many letters to answer these days (and, often, the ones I am getting are regarding questions I’ve answered a lot on the site already).

I really want to keep this site going, and I feel hopeful it can survive this sudden valley, but I need some help. Most of all, what I need are letters to respond to, so if you have a relationship question you think I might be able to address and you don’t mind it being published here (with names changed), please shoot me an email at wendy(AT) If you’re on Facebook, it’s helpful if you like my page and like posts (or share them!) so that they appear on more people’s timelines. Thank you so much, and thanks for sticking with me through this turbulent time.

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