Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Book Club!

Last year I had a goal of reading 25 books, which averages to about two books a month and which seemed both totally doable but challenging enough that it would require some changes in my behavior, which was kind of the point of the goal. Unfortunately, once the pandemic hit in March, I became so… Read more

I set a goal for myself for this year to read 25 books. I chose that number because it seemed both doable and ambitious enough for me that I would *have* to change my habits, which was the point of the goal. Many, many moons ago – before kids and even before marriage when I… Read more

Believe it or not, this weekend is Memorial Day here in the US, which means summer is just around the corner (and here in NYC, with temps nearly double what they were ten days ago, it very much suddenly feels like summer), which means it’s time to think about summer reading. As I’ve mentioned several… Read more

This year I set a goal for myself to read more books, which is a goal I make every year and fail at. But this year I did something different… and it’s working! What I did differently this year was to give myself a number of books to read — 25, which seemed both mildly… Read more

With Memorial Day now behind us, we turn our attention to all the grand things summer promises: steamy thunderstorms at dusk; BBQs that last all weekend; bike rides that can go on for hours; sundresses and sandals; Gin & Tonics; outdoor festivals; road trips; and long, lazy beach days. Summer, of course, would not be… Read more