Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Book Club!

With Memorial Day now behind us, we turn our attention to all the grand things summer promises: steamy thunderstorms at dusk; BBQs that last all weekend; bike rides that can go on for hours; sundresses and sandals; Gin & Tonics; outdoor festivals; road trips; and long, lazy beach days. Summer, of course, would not be… Read more

I made a summer bucket list a couple weeks ago in an effort to encourage myself to seize the moment (or seize the three months, as it were) and enjoy some of the season before it disappears and all I have are hazy memories of way, way too many hours logged at our local playground… Read more

After having my name on a waiting list at the library for months for a copy of Handmaid’s Tale, I’ve decided to just bite the bullet and buy myself a copy before the series starts on Hulu (actually, I don’t even have to buy it — just found out it’s free on Amazon with Prime… Read more

Happy June! Memorial Day is behind us and it’s officially the season for beach reading (beach optional, but some sort of water and swimsuit and cold beverage is a must). I’m in the market for some easy reading, so I scoured a bunch of summer reading lists where each of these five new books made… Read more

I finished the beautiful and moving When Breath Becomes Air on the subway yesterday on my way to an endocrinologist appointment. I could have finished it in a day or two, but I stretched it over five days, which meant I arrived at my doctor’s office, after finishing the epilogue, in tears. The book is… Read more