Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy


I’ve been together with my boyfriend, “Stan” for four years, we’ve known each other for much longer and have lived happily together for around three years. He is 43, I am 41, and we do have a wonderful relationship, I must say. Stan recently took on a part-time job about 300 miles away, so we… Read More

There’s a full moon lunar eclipse tonight — the largest of the 21st century (though not visible in North America), plus mercury retrograde. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling extra emotional this weekend. After a solo trip away last weekend to see friends, I’m happy to be hunkering down this weekend and trying not to… Read More

Friday Links

Here are a few things from around the web that may interest you: Why Having Sex Makes You Feel Better The Next Day, According to Science What it’s like being 30 today vs. 40 years ago What It’s Like to Be Married to a Very Attractive Man This is cheerful: United States Named the ‘Most… Read More

I’ve been seeing a guy for over three years whom I met off Tinder. We had in-depth text and phone conversation for over a month and never met. Then a few months later I got back on Tinder after a breakup, we matched again, and we picked back up where we had started. We finally… Read More

It’s time again for “Dear Wendy Updates,” a feature where people I’ve given advice to in the past let us know whether they followed the advice and how they’re doing now. Today we hear from “I Blame Social Media,” the mom who wrote in a couple days ago about her teenage daughter wanting to wear… Read More