Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Dear Miles

Tomorrow our dear Miles turns 11! This has been a very big year for our sweet guy. On top of welcoming a baby sister into the family, whom he is delightfully and almost aggressively ambivalent about, he went on a diet and lost about six pounds and now he can even hoist himself up on… Read more

By popular request, Miles has agreed to bless us with his presence today and answer a few letters from his mailbox: Dear Miles, My name is Karen but I think of myself as more of a “Veronica”! I always wear red lipstick, I like to cuss and I know where it’s at! I once got… Read more

After a rather lengthy hiatus spent napping, dreaming of chicken parm subs, and chasing Simone, Miles returns to DW today to tackle some of the letters that have been filling his in-box: Dear Miles, My Boyfriend hasn’t called me back yet and it’s been almost TWO HOURS!!!!! I called him at 11:15am to tell him… Read more

Today is my birthday (35, y’all!) so I’m taking the day off to celebrate, enjoy a little R&R and squeeze in a sonogram appointment at my OB’s office. In my absence, Miles, who is handling his new diabetic diet like a champ, by the way, has offered to guest write a few columns. Here’s one… Read more