Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Dear Miles

Today is my birthday (35, y’all!) so I’m taking the day off to celebrate, enjoy a little R&R and squeeze in a sonogram appointment at my OB’s office. In my absence, Miles, who is handling his new diabetic diet like a champ, by the way, has offered to guest write a few columns. Here’s one… Read more

I’ve been in the hospital, so Miles has kindly volunteered to step in and guest write a column or two this week. Here’s one of them: I did it! I went on a date with Mike! Actually it was a group date. It was a field trip for biology class. We went to the lake… Read more

I’m on vacation through May 13th, and in my absence Miles has offered to guest write a couple of columns. Here’s one of them: Dear Miles, The heel of my shoe broke off. I almost fell down and broke my neck and all my boyfriend did was laugh at me! I am so angry right… Read more