Dear Wendy
Dear Wendy

Drinking with Dear Wendy

If you’ve enjoyed watching these DWDW videos but haven’t actually tried any of the recipes yourself yet, I urge you to break the trend and make this one. It’s loosely inspired by a drink served at a restaurant in our neighborhood that I’ve always loved. I watched how the bartenders made it — with vodka… Read more

If you follow my stories on Instagram, you probably already know that I’ve been working on a couple new Drinking with Dear Wendy cocktails and videos for winter, and I’m excited to share the first one of 2019 with you today. (Full disclosure: it’s amazing!) I took one of my favorite summer drinks — an… Read more

I may have already had one or two Gin & Tonics when I filmed this newest episode of Drinking with Dear Wendy… Ingredients: 2 ounces of good gin (I like Hendricks) 3 ounces of good tonic (Fever-Tree or Q Tonic) Slice of cucumber Lemon rind Oh, and this is the lipstick (in Nahz Fur Atoo… Read more

Don’t let the elephant sweater fool you — I am not voting Republican in this election (or any election). I’ll be voting for the nasty woman and I’ve created a cocktail to help ease the stress and anxiety in these final hours of this nasty election season. I call it a Nasty Woman and it’s… Read more